Community in Turkey
Hermes Projekt Lebensgemeinschaft in der Türkei Hermes Projekt: English Version Projet Hermes: Français Hermes Project: Russian Version Projekt Hermes: Hrvatski Progetto Hermes- Fondazione di una Comunita` Eco-Villaggio Hermes Project: Turkish Version Hermes Project: Romanian Version Hermes Projekt Spanish
Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

The Hermes Project - Formation of an
Ecovillage* in Lycia / Turkey

Under the name "Hermes Project" we are about to base a new community (Ecovillage) in Turkey. Facilities of our community: Supplying and common rooms, laundry, workshops, Internet - and IT center, a Café/Bistro/Restaurant, an own baker's shop... Get in touch with us

Who would like to take part as a founder or settler (durable or on time) ?

View over the Bay of CiraliPro Life:
Our society is on the verge of change; people are looking for ways to give alarming developments a new direction. This concerns economy, society, the issue of saving our environment and social life, of course. Visions and Ideas

The Hermes Project: LivestyleWanted:
Free Minded...

For our project we are looking for energetic people of a pioneer spirit. Mainly for IT-people, workmen, gardeners, bakers, tent makers, freelancers and dreamers. Vision and Collective

The Hermes Project: Interiour of a YurtParadise:
In paradise we should be able to bite off of something, too. Even we have so much of an economic mind. Generally: the village is also suitable as a second home (for example for artists or freelancers). We assume that roughly half of the founding party will be there permanently. The rest will commute. Visions and Planning

The Hermes Project: Interiour of a TeepeeBeautiful Turkey:
We decided on Turkey. A country that is aspiring economically, located at the edge of Europe, with excellent climatic condiditions... see Visions and Turkey

*Our community

Our community is a settlement that is respectful of humanity and that hopes to achieve a lasting way of living. Our village is a new foundation.

There already are a number of ecovillages in industrial or post-industrial societies as well as developing countries around the world. They’re examples of a pattern of development that seeks to combine a high quality of life with the conservation of natural resources.

We promote an integral approach that fits into and doesn’t disturb the ecology of the human settlement, grassroots democracy, green technologies, ecological enterprises and, lest we forget, the new forms of media connecting people all over the world.

We’re a community in which people feel and show mutual support and responsibility towards one another. The community gives us the feeling of belonging to the group – our community is small and everyone in the community can feel encouraged, be seen and be heard. Furthermore, the community is open to a lively exchange with its neighbours. The community is formed according to the cultural and geographical characteristics of our environment and encompasses the following dimensions: the social, the ecological, and the intercultural connection with a systemic, integral approach that promotes personal development.


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You see things; and you say, "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"
George Berhard Shaw

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