Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Foundation of an Ecovillage in Turkey


Ecovillage – A Temporary Drop Out

Our village emerges in the midst of untouched nature and we want to keep it like that as far as this is possible. Supply and community rooms develop in the center of the village: a laundry, workshops, the internet and IT-center (for ourselves and our neighbors), a café, bistro, restaurant and our own bakery, a little shop, an open air cinema and theater for summer festivals, artists’ workshops and studios, and further facilities will be created in time.

We don’t need playgrounds since the whole area (including the surrounding countryside) is ideal for children; they enjoy unrestricted rights (only our servers need not necessarily be administrated by them ;-)). Tree houses are labelled “A MUST” with us.

Surrounding the center we integrate lots for our inhabitants, visitors, adventure tourists and long-term vacationers (Backpackers) into the landscape.

On the lots there are a major (about 25-35 square meters) and a smaller tipi (about 15-20 square meters; for children, friends and guests). An alternative to tipis are yurts and wooden huts or small clay houses that match the landscape. Besides these dwellings there is a seperate area with shower and toilets (both indoor and outdoor). Furthermore, every lot is to get a summer kitchen with a gas stove, a fridge and a sink. We didn’t forget about the big campfire spot in the center of the lot, of course. That’s the basic structure. Every piece of land is going to be shaped individually in accordance with the landscape; every lot will look different, mirroring the creativity of the inhabitants.

By the way: the Lycian coast is being treated to over 300 sunny days a year; from April/May to October it almost never rains (but there is still enough water). The tipis and yurts are absolutely waterproof and resist even masses of snow (see gallery).

Between our dwellings, the lots of the founders, we grow fruit and vegetables for our own use. The whole area borders on orange and lemon groves; there are also bay trees, oleander and an abundant flora. Of course, there will be animals as well and they will be allowed to move freely.

Money Makes the World Go Around – Wanted: Baker for Paradise

In paradise we should be able to bite off of something, too. Even we have so much of an economic mind. Generally: the village is also suitable as a second home (for example for artists or freelancers). We assume that roughly half of the founding party will be there permanently. The rest will commute.

Our earnings will mostly stem from the IT-center with its internet café, restaurant / bistro / café, the bakery (we will have the monopoly of crust bread from the wood-burning oven and deliver it to bakeries and shops in the surrounding area); furthermore, we will have an income from accomodation; seminars and workshops will expand the offer according to the possibilities of the founders (there will be a concrete evaluation of cost and benefit).

More occasions for income will develop from the possibilities of the inhabitants. Think different!

The place will be ideal for IT-people: our high-tech center will have ADSL (via satellite) and an own server. An emergency generator is on the list as well. That means that we live in heavenly conditions, and at a very low cost of living. Plus, we can use the synergy effect of the experts who live there. The foundation of a company, a Ltd for instance, is not complicated and not expensive either. Besides, the tax laws are not driving one nuts like in the rest of Europe...not to mention web regulations and watchdog! Turkish tourism is flourishing, owners of pensions and hotels are thirsting for international web pages and still prefer Foreign quality workmanship. Freelancers from the IT-branch who are not dependent on frequent personal contact with their customers can get inspired by the panorama far away from a big city; and on demand they can relaxedly meet their customers within a short period of time and at low prices.

We must highlight the bakery once more: we are bread-lovers (and bon vivants in other respects, too). You cannot buy fresh bread from the wood-burning stove in the whole surrounding area. At first we want to supply only ourselves (daily pita bread gets boring), then the neighboring villages as well. If you take just Antalya there are about
30 000 European “foreigners” by now who are calling for good bread.

Dear bakers, feel addressed!

The Turks love European (especially German) quality workmanship (there, ‘Made in Germany’ is not a phaseout model yet). Workmen of every trade like webdesigners, teachers, translators, educators and many other freelancers are welcome in Turkey as independent entrepreneurs. It is a status symbol to have your roof timbering built by a German or Canadian carpenter [Jeff, did you get the message]. Our opinion on that is of secondary importance...

Turkish tourism is booming. There are numerous ways of participating in this boom: from tourist accomodation to catering and tour guide jobs. The country offers a lot of possibilities.

The earnings of our ‘shops’ will partly be community budget.

There are uncountable further ways to earn one’s living. Of course, we inform you in detail but we don’t want to function as employment officewe want your own creativity and ideas. In the end, it’s you who know your strong points, your preferences and qualifications. We create the frame together whithin which everyone can engage in his/her own manner. The synergy effect of the community rooms, vehicles and equipment and communal creation will make the plunge easier.




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