Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Foundation of an Ecovillage in Turkey

The Idea

Pro Life

Our society is on the verge of change; people are looking for ways to give alarming developments a new direction. This concerns economy, society, the issue of saving our environment and social life, of course.

Networks, Outsourcing, Ecology

Key words like networks, outsourcing, ecology and many more constantly appear in the media. We’re getting informed, we’re using our heads, we have visions of the future, we have ideas for their realisation and we want to make a contribution. As human beings, enjoying everything we do.

Lifetime and Sense

The Hermes Project: Networks

In the middle of our lives we had this great idea to do something meaningful. The time that we used to spend on the planning of our careers, on consume frenzies or on other escapades suddenly turned into spare time. And this spare time wanted to be filled. We scanned our environment, looking for something to engage in, something with which we could develop. But we didn’t find it. The leisure industry may offer numerous possibilities for vicarious satisfaction. But we have become suspicious of its lures and promises. So, what were we to do in order to use our time sensibly, without contradicting our personal convictions in regard to nature, the human being and progress?

We tried to find out what our inmost self was longing for. Notions appeared that we had avoided for a long time because we doubted their existence: love, affection, a sense of security and acceptance (without reservation). Furthermore, we noticed that every one of these notions is connoted commercially – and that made us wonder. Something inside of us refused to serve industry and society with profit any longer. And something inside of us kept on longing.

Dropping Out –
An Alternative Mode of Living

Some of us thought the monastic community of life and work was a possible alternative to our everyday life of commerce and media. But there were particular gods, dogmas and rules that did not match our view of the world. We longed for freedom and we were not willing to change our longing for a new kind of corset. The Hermes Project: communitySo we kept on looking for modes of living together that tied in with our view of the world and at the same time offered us a certain room for development. We discovered interesting projects of drop-outs where people lived autonomously (but admittedly rather poorly) and thus defied the industry. But again we found numberless restrictions, rules and prohibitions within these communities (or ‘ecovillages’, as they are called). We want to live.

Dropping In - Into the Midst of Life

We longed fo a place of security, a place where we can be who we are, a place where it isn’t necessary to put on an act for our fellow human beings, a place where all our shortcomings are not being condemned but accepted and truly tolerated, a place where the cost of living are affordable and the rent doesn’t use up the bigger part of your salary. A place where work and life complement rather than exclude each other. Since we could neither find that place via the internet nor on any map, we decided to build it ourselves and called the vision, the village: ‘Hermes Project




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