Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Foundation of an Ecovillage in Turkey


Turkey - Land of the Light

At first we were rather taken aback by the insight: the world is our oyster. Thanks to our European passports we are able to live in almost any country of this earth. Soberly, we notice: our possibilities are endless; which results in new problems: Where are we off to? Should we even stay here in this beautiful Europe!

Germany, like the other highly industrialized societies doesn’t like our kind, we’re afraid. These states, like their highly stylized ‘statesmen’, are not able to and don’t want to answer a lot of our questions. As an example we wanted to know why there are people starving on this earth although there’s food in abundance. It’s understandable that those responsible didn’t respond: hey guys, this is about profit not about your life...

Different Country, Similar Customs...

We decided on Turkey. A country that is aspiring economically, located at the edge of Europe, with excellent climatic condiditions and a lot of content faces in the streets (truly, you can’t always go by appearances). We particularly liked the Lycian coast around Kas, Fetihe and Antalya. Most of the coast is made accessible and one breathes the charm of originality. Flights there are affordable more or less throughout the year, either via Antalya or Dalaman. Ecovillage

We found the place where the gods have lived from time immemorial: Olympos (near Kemer/Çirali). Such a place seemed reasonable enough to us. But how should we finance our vision, how should we feed and how should it be possible to include the comforts of a modern society...?

The area around Olympos/Çirali is still quiet. Some hundered inhabitants during the winter and some thousand during the summer, when the few tourists enjoy themselves at the beach. But they are more culturally and historically interested tourists...

Above this bay, a little in the hinterland, with a view of the wide sea and the high mountains (skiing and swimming are possible on the same day), we want to settle. For this purpose we are looking for people with the hearts of pioneers.

The area in which we want to found our camp roughly measures 12 000 to 15 000 square meters. Olympos and Çirali are about one kilometer away, as is the beach.




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