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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Foundation of an Ecovillage in Turkey


Workmen, IT-specialitsts, Freelancers...Wanted

For our project we are looking for energetic people of a pioneer spirit. Mainly for IT-people, workmen, gardeners, bakers, tent makers, freelancers and dreamers. Furthermore, we want to introduce our concept to the EU and other bodies in order to apply for sponsoring. Chances for subsidy are realistic. We are looking for qualified help for this: who wants to prepare the necessary documents (business plan, cost and profit evaluation, profitability prediction, capital and financing plan)? Subsequently, we will put this background information online in order to smooth the way for other groups and their ideas. We have the possibility of founding a non-profit association, of looking for sponsors via e-marketing, of introducing to manufacturers of modern technology, and so on...we are bubbling over with ideas and will decide according to YOUR FEEDBACK in order to get things moving.

CollectiveWe are looking for people who long for an alternative way of life and still have a sense for progress and innovations (in the long run we want to generate the electricity we need and we want to have our own water supply). For one thing, the internet we will be our contact with the world, but our visitors, the local people and our permanent guests will contribute to our not losing touch with the rest of the world as well.

The planning of our project is going full steam ahead. The next thing to do is the drawing up in detail of our concept. Several pieces of land were offered to us for sale or for lease resprectively. Together with you we want to decide in spring 2006. From October 2006 on we want to settle the land and in spring 2007 we plan to welcome our first guests.

During the low season the village can be offered to different groups for seminars, workshops and courses. The offer will again depend on the possibilities and skills of the founders and we will try to attract appropriate people. Everything from bread baking, IT-classes to shamanistic art of living is possible.

Bucks and Autonomous Living

The foundation of a village needs enthusiasm, energy and joie de vivre. Our plan has three steps.

  • Step #1:
    we lease the land (with hereditary building rights), we divide it up into lots and build the communal buildings. We can live in the community rooms until our own lots are ready. Afterwards, we dedicate ourselves to the make up of the lots for our guests. Within six months (October to March) the village should be fully working – but not yet complete.
  • Step #1, plan B:
    if we get support of the EU (or a very generous sponsor), we will buy the land.
  • Step#2:
    the finishing. Gradually, every lot gets electricity supply via solar technology (in the meantime we have to stick to the local power supply), own internet access and own irrigation system. We establish our project and will have 90 % of our buildings occupied within 12 months, that is we will be booked-out – supposedly there will be a waiting list...The earnings of the first three years will be used only for our infrastructure.

CollectiveDuring this period of time we establish agriculture (at a small scale). We produce vegetables, fruit, milk, cheese and bread (as well as other basic food) and they can be used by every inhabitant (in the restaurant for payment). We are just figuring out the possibilities of giving the young ones an education within the camp. We are especially thankful for information and help concerning this issue.

  • Step #3:
    we want to promote alternative ways of living. Everyone can help with that one...the finetuning of our ideas needs your creativity and help...

Money: in order to furnish a lot with the necessities you need about 3000 Euro. The construction of a wooden hut costs more, that of clay huts less. Bit by bit we will make tipis and yurts for our own use as well as for sale.

The cost of living are still very low in Turkey. A couple can survive decently with 500 Euro a month. It would be ideal if you didn’t have to care about income in the first 12 months, but could live on your savings (it is an obstacle if our thoughts keep coming back to money issues). After a warm-up period basic food will be for free anyway.

We expect a starting rent of about 100 Euro per person per month (including electricity and water). Later our income will let us (the founders) live completely for free – our calculations show that we will even have a surplus.

We will work communally. Of course, founders with a permanent dwelling who offer their working capacities to the community will profit earlier from our earnings than those who are passive founders and regard the project as a second home.


For the time being we ask you primarily for your feedback and critique. Your suggestions are an important part of our project. We seek a dialogue with likeminded people: we are strong together.

Many people have encouraged us to take this path and even the doubters have helped us with their critique in many points. In practice it looks like this: many people want to participate but don’t dare to. That’s comprehensible: such a step is always a plunge into the unknown.

We are convinced that it isn’t a venture (only) but a great chance. The mere challenge of learning Turkish and to get acquainted with a very old and important culture sweetens our decision. Our idea also wants to make the extended family central again; in this respect we are more the selfish people who are looking forward to the advantages of this mode of living than nostalgic dreamers (who wants to pay babysitters all the time?). We want to highlight important elements of life like love and charity, security, sympathy and being there for each other; and we want to retreat from industrial slavery. During all of our activity we want to stay human beings and live our own romance instead of just dreaming it. But we are certainly not blue-eyed – we know the laws of the market.

Any questions?

Why “Hermes Project”?

Why does a messenger of the gods have to take the rap for our idea? Hermes is a sly messenger between worlds. Our project models itself on a new, nonviolent and more lively world. Since the invention of the internet we have been living in a new rapidly developing era. Many conventions are thrown overboard and slowly it becomes clear that the human beings of this earth are one unity. Politics and economy still try to separate us from each other; but soon this won’t be possible anymore. We are heading toward a great bright future.

We are neither itinerant preachers nor do-gooders. We merely take our life and fate in our own hands in order to be independent. You won’t hold our wish to live in harmony without suffering from permanent pressure against us. Issues like sustainability, ecology and the capitalism debate don’t belong into media only, but the individual has to be addressed, too.

Hermes loves wit, humour and creative mischief. So do we. We regard our existence as a play and we are far from wanting to give lectures. Hermes, like us, is a messenger without a message. Happiness, contentment, love and faith are no values that need propaganda. They should be lived like a given...



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