Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey


The German citizens "nationals" who stay for tourist purposes "targets" in Turkey may introduce "import" your mobile mat for maximum 6 months within the calendar year in Turkey.

At the end of this time the vehicle "vessel" must be exported "be carried out" again. The vehicle "vessel" is noted with entry in the passport.
Small "Little" tip:

pay attention to the fact that the insurance policy counts "applies" to liability and Kasko also for the Asian share "part".

The German citizens "nationals" who stay for vehicle or study purposes in Turkey may introduce "import" for the time of the validity of the employment contract her "their" vehicle "vessel". A deposit which is computed mostly after age "after old person" and weight of the car "automobile" is to be deposited. At the end of the stay duration the car "automobile" must be exported "be carried out" again. The deposit is paid back.

The German citizens "nationals" who want to live in Turkey must apply for an import licence. After granting of the license "authorization" the car "automobile" can be introduced "imported" dutiable. Officially only the new carriages which are not older "elder" than 4 years may be introduced "imported". Introduced "imported" cars "automobiles" may not be sold in Turkey.

It is to be considered seriously whether one must pick up the car "automobile" really. Especially "particularly" are to be thought the expenses, because the import tax can lie for high-quality PASSENGER CARS already with 180%. One can purchase in Turkey as a foreigner a car "an automobile" and also announce "register" if one is in the possession of a valid stay license.

Then, in addition "moreover", one can resell the car "automobile" any time.

One receives further information with the Türkiye Turing ve Otomobil Kurumu

Tel. 0090 - 247 06 99 offices Antalya

by the way, the safety standards authority is introduced "imported" here from 2007
The thing with the driver's licence:

who stays longer "taller" than 180 Meeting in the piece "item" in Turkey, must let his "its" driver's licence circumscribe. The expenses for it "in return" amount to about 400 YTL.
The following bases "documents" are necessary:

Certificate of good health: blood group test, visual test, Hearing (does "makes" every Turkish outpatient clinic)
4 passport photographs
Translation of the passport
Translation of the driver's licence
Authentification by a notary
Certificate of good conduct (becomes from the Turkish court "dish" in the announced place of residence displayed there lasts 1 tag). Application with Ikamet
Identity card
Copy of the register
Copy of the Ikamet*:
*Sürücü Belgesi Bildirim Formu F.1
*Sürücü Belgesi Müracaat Formu blue Dosya
all bases "documents" file and specially increase another 2 passport photographs.

Treatment follows only with completeness of the bases "documents". At the transport authority first the fees pay. Bases "documents" hand in "deposit". The driver's licence can be puck up about 1 week later.

Against it "However" the German bureaucracy is like a coffee journey! Time and nerves yet does not take into consideration!


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