Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Health service Turkey
Secondary and tertiary medical care "supply"

Secondary and tertiäre medical care "supply"

The lawful health services in Turkey are provided, above all, by the Turkish health ministry and the social insurance institution (SSK), from universities, from the ministry of defense and private doctors, dentists "dental surgeons" and drugstores. The health ministry is the biggest supplier of hospitals and the only supplier of preventive medical services.

In 2001 the health ministry 755 totally "completely" 1245 hospitals ran in Turkey. The SSK orders nationally more than 120 hospitals in which themselves, however, only SSK members can allow to treat.

There "Besides", there come "get" another 42 university hospitals, 240 private hospitals and farther "further" hospitals which are led of other ministries "departments" or institutions.

Only 57 hospitals, of it 28 SSK hospitals, have received * in June, 2002 the official "formal" high-class certificate (Turkish standards institutes ISO Quality document)
The SSK is financed by the premiums "bonuses" of her "their" members and office worker, from employers of the public sector and workers of the private sector. The SSK offers neither health precaution, still it pays for it "in return".

The health ministry, the ministry of defense, the ministry "department" of job and social security, state companies as well as universities and private are a supplier of secondary and tertiären health services.

Because the transfer system often functions "works" not properly "correctly", the clinics of the health ministry and the SSK hospitals are claimed in strong masses for outpatient treatments "processings" which fall, actually, in the area of the primary health care würden. **

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