Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Health service Turkey
Staff problems and problems of the health staff

The health ministry occupies a total of 195 ' 000 doctors, nurses, dentists "dental surgeons", midwives, Sanitätspersonal and druggists. The social insurance institution (SSK) stands at the moment before big "great" trouble because the number decreases from her "their" occupy with doctors and nurses, währenddem the circle of acquaintances entitled to claim grows, so that meanwhile only one doctor on 5653 patients comes "gets".

In 2000 the health services 41 percent of the population were open, but only eleven percent of all doctors and seven percent of all nurses are employed with the SSK, what to considerable personnel bottlenecks führt*. The frequent changes "bills of exchange" have likewise negative consequences on the quality of the services.

Specified doctors, dentists "dental surgeons" and druggists "chemists" often work "operate" in the private sector. However, many specialists "experts" also have two employments "positions": they work "operate" partial-temporal in public hospitals and have besides her "their" own Praxis. **

In total about 50 ' 000 office workers are absent in the health area in Turkey. However, the biggest problem is the unequal "unlike;different" distribution of the staff in the different land shares ***, indeed more and more doctors are trained since 1980 at more and more numerous medical factorials. To work "operate" also the liability of the young "new" doctors for a year in the southeast, has not contributed to an improvement of the situation "position".

Many use this time - for which there are fringe benefits - to prepare for the specialist's audit.

Therefore, they are occupied more with the audit preparations than with that
Care "Supply" of her "their" patients. In addition "moreover", they are not familiar with the relations "ratios", do not speak the language of the patients and are fast discouraged by the bad conditions "terms" and missing "lacking" possibilities. Generally the office workers of the Turkish health service, to all earn in the front
the doctors, only badly. Even the surgeons cannot often live from only one job. With an income of just 600 francs (at the moment about 700 million Turkish liras) live many doctors under the poverty border.

The doctors which tortures document often become chicaneries ausgesetzt: ***** in June, 2002 became a psychiatrist of the torture-rehabilitation center of the Turkish foundation of human rights
(TIHV) because of " insults of the Turkish armed forces " and " insults
of the Turkish Ministry of Justice " condemns "sentences" to one year of prison "jail". In this case in October, 2002 and April, 2003 the resumption negotiations which are not closed "not rounded off", however, yet took place. ******

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