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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Health service Turkey

The Turkish health system
in the foreign representation
Representations of state institutions
Federal Office for refugee's being (BFF):

According to the national information sheet to Turkey of the BFF from August, 1999 the medical infrastructure can be designated "marked" in Turkey mediocre to well. In the big "great" towns "cities" there are university hospitals and in most district capitals there are state hospitals. In the end, still the private handles which dispose beside the university hospitals of the highest "top" standard exist in most big "great" towns "cities". The standards of many these handles, above all, in the west of the land "country", are comparable with West European ones.

Nevertheless, between the west and the east of the land "country" big "great" differences are to be ascertained. Above all, long "tall" and costly journey ways must be often accepted. Nevertheless, more decisively than the question of the medical possibilities are the financial possibilities of a sick person. The financial-strong patients can treat themselves in well equipped private hospitals
leave, however, the financial-weak "financial-faint" share "part" of the population is depended on the state hospitals with badly paid-up and often overloaded staff. The persons who dispose of no income can apply for the so-called green Karte* with which the state takes over the medical costs for impecunious patients in the public hospitals. This will assign repeatedly only to Günstlinge.
German Foreign Office:

According to the progress report of the German Foreign Office from the 20th March, 2002 the medical treatment "processing" is basically guaranteed in Turkey and after exhibition "issue" of a green card also free of charge. The progress report ascertains, with chronic illnesses "diseases" must be cleared " in the isolated case " whether an immediate treatment is possible. About the green card an AIDS treatment possibly is " basically also " the medical care "supply" in the country is not to be compared often to Europe.

She "It" can on the land "country" technically, apparativ and/or hygienically problematically
be. HIV AIDS is in Turkey a problem and a danger "threat" for all which enter infection risks: sexual contacts, unclean sputter or Kanülen and blood transfusions can rescue a considerable extremely danderous risk.
Representations of non-government organizations
Swiss refugee's help (SFH):

According to the position analysis SFH from May, 2003 to Turkey, can do itself in Turkey who has money, in luxurious private hospitals allow to treat according to all rules of the art "skill". Nevertheless, the by the state organized medical care "supply" is catastrophic. The state health system has completely failed, and today Turkey disposes of hospital beds too little.

In the Kurdish provinces are according to annual report of the Turkish foundation of human rights (TIHV) of 831 health stations merely
of that "those" 88 opened. The capacities in the state hospitals are such
briefly "scarcely" that urgent operations can be exported "be carried out" only after months, except the destitute person has the necessary means, around itself in a private hospital or "in the "special department" [the state hospitals have reserved a bed contingent "for "special patients". It concerns a kind "way"
To let treat PrivatpatientenInnen which are treated against payment of a surcharge prioritär] of the state hospitals.

Persons with green card are, stand "on the "waiting list" for treatments "processings" at the last place "job". The medical care "supply" is not guaranteed many in the practise and ill persons face in the practise to gigantic problems if they do not dispose of the necessary means which guarantee a direct "straight" access to medical care "supply" for them.
Conveyor association refugee's council from Lower Saxony:

According to the evaluation of the conveyor association from May, 2002 the medical care position is catastrophic in Turkey and has become even more wretched since the economic crisis. Free treatment "processing" is for the inside sold
People as a rule not possibly. The immediate treatment from urgently fell ill
Persons is not free of charge: the patients who come "get" as a life-menacing emergency to a clinic will wait there as long calm "composed", until members have paid the treatment "processing", or they "she" IOU "certificates of debt" must sign. Many leave before conclusion "transaction" of the treatment "processing" secretly "in secret" the hospital because they see no possibility to pay the treatment "processing".

Indeed, the drugs "medicines" are cheaper completely "through" than in Germany, they are
but for Turkish incomes prohibitively. Binnenvertriebene without residence have no possibility to apply for the green card, the destitute to
Investigation in state hospitals and in health stations entitles. The least destitute receive a green card. The system of the green card suffers from big "great" financial bottlenecks. Several university hospitals have gone over to record patients with the green card no more. In addition "moreover", drugs "medicines" and outpatient treatment "processing", nevertheless, from the own pocket "bag" must be paid.
Information place of Kurdistan e. V.:

According to evaluation of Mrs. Gisela Penteker8 from July, 2003, the health system is advanced in Turkey from the beginning "attempt" and comprehensively "holistically".
There is a state insurance system with state hospitals for state servant of an important person and her "their" members. Workers and her "their" families are likewise ill-insured.

For them "her" there are all over the country insurance hospitals. The outpatient care "supply" should follow popularly in health centers which are taken with doctors of different fields, with midwives and hygiene experts. Besides there is still mother / Kind-Zentren and tuberculosis stations whose claim "usage" is free. For not insured destitute the system of the green card which should arise for a basis treatment in health stations, insured person's hospitals and state hospitals was set up.

In addition, an emergency ground was set up which should take over drug expenses for destitute who are not covered "cleared" by the green card. In addition "moreover", there is state Impfprogramme and a relatively thick "dense" net of university hospitals. The standard corresponds "fulfils" to European level. However, the nice theory is influenced in the practise by different factors "administrators" negatively: in Turkey there is a big "great" east west slope.

Health stations were closed down "concluded" in the southeast land shares by war and expulsion and Impfkampagnen could be carried out no more strictly. The provincial towns, however, also the metropolises in the west had to record several millions of Binnenflüchtlingen for which her "their" infrastructure is not sufficient. Electricity, water, canalization, workplaces "jobs", schools and public health services thereby are everywhere no more enough. Illnesses, impoverishment and social voltages are the unavoidable "inescapable" sequence.

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