Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Health service Turkey
Green card (Yesil Kart)
Green card

The green card is a kind of authorization light which should guarantee the free medical support "care" impecunious persons. the " Law relating to of the acquisition of the impecunious citizens "nationals" to originating medical costs by the state in the course of an exhibition "issue" of a green card " dates from the 18th June, 1992.

The green card (Yesil Kart) will assign to persons who are too poor to be able to finance a medical treatment "processing" to themselves. In 2001 ten million people in Turkey owned a good such a green Karte* gives no clear criteria, when somebody is entitled to the preservation of the card. Who applies for a green card, needs "requires" a registration confirmation and a possession proof of the gendarmerie and a police certificate of good conduct.

The application "motion" becomes either from the village chief or from other government authorities
in the district edits. The final decision whether somebody receives the green card lies with the sales representative of the government in the district. The people often dare
on account of bad experiences (for instance, a earlier arrest or chicaneries) not at all to these authorities. In addition "Moreover", are the performances which one receives by the green card, thus slightly that some people do not take the danger "threat" and trouble for their "her" purveyance "purchasing" on themselves.
Longer "Taller" waiting periods are usual.

The green card entitles owners "holders" to treatments "processings" in the health centers of the health ministry and in case for necessary judged, in the state and university hospitals. Some university hospitals incline not to record patients with the green card, although there is a transfer system. Beside the green card there is the possibility to claim the welfare and solidarity ground, which expenses not covered "cleared" by the green card (how drugs "medicines", expenses for laboratory investigations or the financing of prosthesis) for destitute übernimmt. **

Patients are also badly supplied with green card. The increasing privatization in the Turkish health company leads to the fact that important diagnosis machines stand not in the clinics, but in the private practice of the professional doctors. The investigation there must be paid by the patients privately. The health stations are badly equipped apparativ and personnel mostly. In the southeast most are closed down "concluded". In Diyarbakir 30 function "work" from formerly 300 health stations still of that "those", although the population has multiplied by the Binnenflüchtlinge. The green card guarantees only the financing of an insufficient basis care, drugs "medicines" must go themselves
are paid *** or about the welfare and solidarity ground are financed what assumes "presupposes" a protracted administrative procedure.

A study "sketch" carried out in 2000 by the Turkish health ministry shows that around half of the interviewees has either trouble to afford health care, or for financial reasons "grounds" during the last six months of required drugs "medicines" not purchased hat. ****

Different current "actual" cases illustrate that politically active persons and their "her" members have trouble in Turkey to receive the green card, or that this is even taken away from them: For instance, the green card was taken away in November, 2002 from a farmer "peasant", because he during the election campaign with a tractor "HADEP" on his "its" field "box" written "composed" hatte.

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