Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Economy Turkey
Turkey before the gates of Europe

Not only geographically Turkey lies before the gates of Europe. It "she" is oriented since the founder of modern Turkey, Kemal Atatürk, also politically, economically and socially to Europe. For a long time already Turkey desires entry "admission" into the European Union, since December, 1999 the land "country" is officially a pre-accession country. Also in this respect "relation" Turkey stands before the gates
Of Europe.

Safety-political-strategically Turkey was always a column of NATO and with it "thus" also component of the west. After the breakdown "collapse" of the Eastern Bloc the position of Turkey has considerably improved in the international policy "politics", her "their" action possibilities reach, in the meantime, in the area of her
the former Soviet Union in, in the Caucasus and to Central Asia. For the international one

Oil and natural gas transport puts "arranges" Turkey an important transport way for him
The west. The security partnership with Israel lets Turkey to an important power factor in the Close and the Middle East become. All this are reasons "grounds" enough to bind Turkey fast to Europe.

For a long time economically Turkey is present "involved" to find the connection with the European Union, on account of her "their" meanwhile achieved substantial performance standard and with the help of the association agreement with the EU of 1964.

The trouble lies at political level. The European Union is a community "society" of western democracies on a common "joint" worth basis. Kemal Atatürk has shown with his "its" logical "consistent" and severe modernization policy of Turkey the way in the direction of modern, democratically written industrial countries. For a long time compared to other states of the region Turkey shows a high measure in Modernität and democracy.

The fact that lets itself reach "arrive" a modernization and democratization, from above iniziiert, all over the country about few decades, would be required a lot. The fact that this process gets over and over again in faltering and also runs back now and then, cannot surprise therefore. It depends even more on promoting progress, just also in the direction of from democracy and human rights. Here the policy "politics" of the EU and those of the EU countries is demanded.

The approach process presently, above all is impaired by the Kurd's problem and the question of human rights. Just the military, from Kemal Atatürk as a guarantor of the modernization chosen, has distinguished himself in the Kurd's question as a guardian of the uniformity of the state, namely for the purposes of a nation state understanding which does not know specific features "peculiarities" and regional autonomies.

At the same time, however, the military has with it "thus" injuries of human rights consciously "deliberately" in purchase
taken. Therefore, the European Union rightly demands that Turkey finds solutions before her "their" accession to the EU in the policy of human rights and in the Kurd's question, the European standards correspond "fulfil".

Between Germany and Turkey amicable connections exist "consist" traditionally. Besides, in Germany lives a substantial Turkish minority which have clear trouble with her "their" integration as a foreign worker, particularly as they come - naturally - from areas of Turkey which are touched by the modernization in the least one.

All this are alone "sole" already reasons "grounds" enough for us to deal more intensely with the circumstances "condition" in Turkey, with the land "country" as such and his "its" economic-geographical and social-geographical specific features "peculiarities", with his "its"
the latest "youngest" history, with his "its" socioeconomic processes of change, with
to the political system and the political circumstances "condition", his "its" position in the international policy "politics".

Pushed "Urged" still becomes the activity of Turkey for us because it is no distant "far-off" land "country", but because they "she" - in multiple "repeated" respect "relation" - before the gates of Europe
lies and before the gates of Europe stands.

Economy Turkey In general:

A dynamic economic life stamps the picture "image" of the developed concentration zones.

In the country areas "fields" - above all, in the middle and in the east - economizing rural and craft small firms keep against it "however" traditionally.

The big "great" regional economic slope belongs to the unsolved problems of the land "country". Since 1999 Turkey has the state of an EU pre-accession country. The admission "intake" run by circles "rings" oriented to the west in the EU bumps in the land "country" even still into resistances and under the present member states advocates and opponents "adversaries" of an accession keep the scales. Under the double printing of IMF productions (Turkey is the biggest debtor of the monetary fund) and EU-criteria catalog one tries in Ankara to put through the anchorage of a functioning "working" market economy by drastic structure reforms.

To reach "arrive" this, some hurdles are to be taken still, and a. the return "feedback" of the state interest as well as the production of competitiveness "of ability to compete". No less importantly: an austere budgetary consolidation, the fight of the corruption and the reduction of bureaucratic obstacles.
However, by now incalculable success of the modernization program is to be registered and the view of an EU accession provides not least for persistent atmosphere of departure.

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