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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Conditions of entry for German citizens
Entry tourists

As a tourist one can stay up to three months free of visa in the land "country".

For the entry in Turkey a passport or an identity card is enough "satisfies". Against an entry with a temporary identity card it is advised, because the entry with this document was refused in the past in isolated cases.

Children must be registered on the passport of a fellow-passenger parental share or - what is recommended - with the own child identity card enter. The child identity card is recognized "accepted" up to 10th year without photo; from 10. to 16th year a photo is necessary.

A birth certificate is no valid entry document.

In the past it came "got" to Zurückweisungen on the border because parents wanted to enter without valid entry documents for her "their" children. In such cases the German representations abroad in Turkey can also create no remedy.

!!! The requirements "orders" of single airlines for the documents to be carried along by her "their" passengers deviate "swerve" partly from the state regulations "controls". Please, they inquire before beginning of the trip at your airline.
Crossing the border on the country road

The crossing the border from Turkey in Iraq is possible since the 7/1/2004 only for owners "holders" of a visa valid for Iraq. In this connection we on the trip warning of the Foreign Office for Iraq pointed out.

German citizens are visa-liable since the 7/1/2004. Esteem: the entry in Turkey only with the identity card is from countries which are not member states of the Council of Europe (as for example Iraq), not possibly or can be prohibited from Turkey (Zurückweisung on the border). A passport is necessary for such an entry.
Entry Turkish compatriots

German children of the Turkish parents who are registered only in the Turkish passport of a fellow-passenger parental share own no stay title for Germany, because they have acquired the German nationality by birth. These children need to the return to Germany a German child identity card which must be applied before departure at the responsible German authority.

In particular the exhibition "issue" of a child identity card is not possible by the German representation abroad in the transit area of the airport and is also not permitted by the Turkish authorities.

Turkey with the entry also recognizes "accepts" as a signatory's state of the " European arrangement about the regulation "control" of the passenger traffic between the member states of the Council of Europe from the 13th December, 1957 " less than one year of gone over passport or child identity card.

Not enough, however, is a gone over identity card.

In the practise it can come "get" with the crossing the border from Turkey with gone over identity card documents, in particular on the land borders to Edirne and Ipsala, to problems. Hence, it is recommended to look already before the trip in Turkey after valid identity card documents.

Please, notice that with the trip in Turkey on the country road also the conditions of entry of the transit countries must be noticed.
Country road via Serbia and Montenegro

For the entry to Serbia and Montenegro an identity card is not, for instance, enough.

Turkish citizens cannot enter with a trip document displayed by the Federal Republic of Germany in Turkey. They need in addition absolutely a valid Turkish trip document.
Entry with the PASSENGER CAR

If one liked to enter with the PASSENGER CAR, the car "automobile" is registered in the passport of the driver. For this case it is recommended to use a passport to the entry. If the stay for longer "taller" than three months in Turkey is planned, a visa is to be caught up before the entry with a Turkish representation abroad (Consulate General or embassy).

There are not special regulations for unaccompanied passenger persons under age or with trip with only one parental share entitled to worry, as long as her "their" crossing the border from Germany legally followed.

From Germany displayed trip documents or trip identity cards for foreigners of other nationality are recognized "accepted" from Turkey. Nevertheless, for the entry in Turkey a visa which is to be caught up to begin with with a Turkish representation abroad (Consulate General or embassy) is required without exception.

Stand "State": 17th October, 2005

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Foreign trade zone well sounded in our ears. What do you mean "think"? Do you maybe have further information or do ask on this subject? It is to you naturally freely in this direction to investigate. We are glad already about the result "outcome".

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