Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Tax legal: Turkey
In general

It is not right us gladly, however, we will not escape the annoying "tiresome" question of the taxes also in Turkey. Therefore a big "great" search "investigation" and information demand also exists "consists" here. We will be confronted with a totally new system which it is a matter to understand in the approach. The principle presumably also counts "applies" here: Not knowledge does not protect against punishment "penalty". Here become therefore all questions which treats itself with the general tax sales (and income "resources" as independent, freelances, tourism operating authorities etc.) for earning citizens living in Turkey. Of our knowledge there are in Turkey also taxes which are very special like in every land "country" namely the miracles teach, however, do not protect against the payment. Also here we are glad especially "particularly" about already done "made" experiences and already with difficulty acquired knowledge on site living immigrant. If everything informs us in this connection what could be relevant to us, on this occasion. We put "arrange" the accumulated information at this point online and do "make" them "her" for all enthusiasts availably.

Should a dot "point" missing "lacking" here strike you or sting your not answered question in the eye, please, informs only briefly.

In general

Real estate

Trades "Crafts"


Reform of the job sound of social net in Turkey

New to the reform of the job sound of social net in Turkey: rise of the Beitragstage from 7000 to 9000 Arbeitstage (Emekli olmak için prim ödeme gün sayisi 7 bind 9 bine çikacak) and the retirement age should be raised "be put up" till 2037 gradually (Emeklilik yasi 2037'den itibaren kademeli olarak artacak)

Pension premium amounts to 20% of the wage "pay". The insured person, 11% of the employers pays 9%. In addition "moreover", the state contributes 5% of premium "bonus". Possibly for the discharge of the employers?

Introduction of the Krankenversicherungsobligatoriums
(Reformun saglik ayagini olusturan genel saglik sigortasi ile here vatandasin saglik sigortasi olacak)

The premiums "bonuses" amount to 12.5%, of it the employee pays 5%, the employers 7.5%

This would signify that the employee becomes more expensive "dear" in Turkey if all reforms are by about 30%. From view "sight" of the employers job goes up about 18.5%. Somebody will have to pay this. Barely the employee, he must look namely "since" already as he manages with 14% of deduction from wages for premium payments.

One more problem arrives "comes to that": What happens with all companies which do not pay the insurance premiums for many years? Is there there an employee's protection? It would be still interesting to bring this in experience. Many employees believe namely "since", they are insured and find out only later that her "their" employer has only half of the premiums "bonuses" or just sometimes also nothing at all einbezahlt.

Tax consultant

We do not know whether one day somebody has just been glad thus about a tax consultant, how we now. We have here many questions. We do not belong to the earners who know constantly abroad rumturnen and the best tax prerough settlements for it "in return". We would not like to break unwittingly tax laws. We would know loving with pleasure - how everybody - the best way for ourselves and plan him at best already in the approach, move. How do we deal with the whole in geschicktesten without having to lead away "carry off" every cent to both countries? You know the responses "replys"? Support "back up" us, and as thanks beauty we note your performances on our pages, and refer "link" all readers in tax things to you as new customers.

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