Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Pension relation / Retirement Turkey
(Foreign country "Abroad" / Turkey / ...)

Hermes PROJECT Pension

The stated "led" information is directed at insured persons and pensioners "retirees" who want to drag abroad or already live there. Here a small "little" insight about About and the interstate pension legal should be granted and information about the social security be mediated. It is necessary to itself at best in the approach about possible sequences which a relocation "move" can have for the pension claim to inform, before one meets a final decision.
The questions which it is a matter to consider:

What happens with the contributions paid up to now?
Can I deposit further at the German pension fund?
Which state will pay one day the pension?
Can I deposit in the new state at the pension fund?
If the pension gets also unabridged
in the foreign country "the abroad" paid?


We would like to create here only one small "little" overview, and recommend to everybody to ourselves also to inform to prevent "hinder" that from unawareness claims to performances get lost.

The regulations "controls" about and interstate pension legal are complicated very much and contain totally individual regulations on which we cannot come here.

These executions are meant as the first orientation and raise no claim to completeness or correctness, never mind that they can do an own sound "well-founded" search "investigation" with the responsible pension bearer to replaced.


There is of our knowledge the possibility to let pay out the already deposited pension scheme contributions of the employee under certain prerough settlements in the case of a steady misalignment of the residence abroad. With the current "actual" ones

Pension debate and in connection with our plans "tarpaulins", a dot "point" which we would like to light up especially "particularly" intensely. And above all also, how do we look then in the connection after our pension in Turkey? May Renter live in Turkey generally and cover "refer" pension from Germany? If I may not cover "refer" pension as a Renter in Turkey, why did I leave my contributions in the German pension fund? The high-interesting questions with which we likewise hope for support of you! Are you by chance an insurance expert and can give us Auskünftge moreover? We would be more than happily!

Should a dot "point" missing "lacking" here strike you or sting your not answered question in the eye, please, informs only briefly.

Pension relation in the TR

Payment of the already einbezahlten pension contributions

Pension scheme in the TR

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