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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Now here it is about Islam,

an awkward subject interesting over and over again.

Unfortunately, pictures "images" are spread over and over again all over the world which show radical Muslims with weapons "arms" or clenched "concentrated" fists which announce loud her "their" slogans "passwords" and actions which happen in the name of Allah. This transfers many people into fear and fright, and some have to travel fear in Islamic countries.

In addition often there comes "gets" the picture "image" of women "wives", headscarf-weight-bearing "headscarf-basic" and totally "completely" covered who are subjected to her "their" man "husband" and may have no own opinion. They are locked up at home, on her "their" men "husbands" servicing, while this her "their" time spend in the coffee house.

* However, that is really "actually" thus?
* What signifies for me if I am in an Islamic land "country"?
* Can I not carry short shorts and skirts or rather?
* Can I go out into the streets as a woman "wife" only, without my man "husband"?
* Can I go beside my man "husband" or rather behind him "it"?
* How do I behave as a woman "wife" properly "correctly"?

Questions about questions and many unexpected responses "replys".

" God is big "great". There is no God except God, and Muhammed is his prophet. " Thus the Muezzine shout 5 times in the tag in whole Turkey of the minarets. Then the believers "creditors" meet for the prayer in the mosque.

Officially there are 99% of the population Muslims. The large part of it are Sunniten, there are about 20% Alewiten and in the east and the south still a Shiite minority.
The holy book of Islam is the Koran. He contains the revelations "publications" of the prophet Muhammed in verse form. Friday is the main prayer tag and then the mosques are more full than, otherwise.

This still comes from the time of the caliphate when Friday was still a holiday. (That is Friday corresponded "fulfilled" to our Sunday.) in 1924 the caliphate was abolished "canceled" and therefore the western calendar "almanac" was introduced "imported", religious sects were abolished "canceled" and a clothes reform were carried out.

In Turkey a temperate "moderate" kind "way" of the religion is carried out. Alcohol and tobacco is also enjoyed, except in the Ramadan, then is renounced from respect this.
Both highest "top" Islamic holidays are the sacrificial festival (Kurban Bayrami) and the Ramadan (Ramazan bayrami). In the sacrificial festival schächtet everybody which can afford it, a wether or a calf in recollection "memory" of Abrahams victim. A share "part" of the meat is distributed to destitute. In the fasting month Ramadan is neither eaten between sunrise and sundown, nor is drunk or is smoked.

There is a right "law" on religious freedom. The Turks are very tolerant to other religious directions. Peacefully side by side orthodox, Armenians, Catholics, Protestants and Jews live here. There is a huge number of churches and synagogues.
Experience report

Now there I was. In an Islamic land "country" in the midst of the Turkish pampas. In the deepest southeast of Turkey, near the Syriac border. Insecurity spread. I did not know how I should properly behave. Everything what I knew, were the known pictures "images" and reports of the media.

The magic word calls respect and attention, before the person and her "their" religion. Many people, just in the country or poorer areas of Turkey cannot read vieleicht or write "compose", but they see in your heart. If you bring respect to them, you will be also respected.
What then should that call now?

Nobody has one day required from me to cover me or to carry a headscarf. I can run "walk" with shorts and top or short little dresses to the shopping or by the town "city". I can move here absolutely freely. Here never I am still insulted or angespuckt. Still never not everyone has insulted me here as a foreigner. And I have felt never unsafe "uncertain" here. On the contrary, everywhere I was warmly recorded. The Turks have really made easy it for me.

But I notice the easiest "simplest" Anstandsregeln which are worldwide usual, actually. And believe me, one will exactly observe you how you behave. On the beach "seashore" I can sun myself in the bikini, even if some of the local women "wives" go completely dressed to the sea. If I went, however, from beach "seashore" away to my apartment which was only over the street, I covered to me an easy "simple" beach dress.

In the evening in the restaurant thin trousers "pants" and not too deeply ausgeschnitte upper tops. If I go for visit to a Turkish family, I take off the shoes and take the slippers offered to me. I eat so much I can, because for my guest giver there is nothing the worse than guests "company" to which it does not taste. (Although this is simply impossible, because the Turkish kitchen "cuisine" is really tasty)
And if I must decline "refuse" then, nevertheless, sometimes, I do it very politely.
I do not let my dog in the general public "the publicity" freely run "walk", because dogs count "apply" as impure animals "beasts".

I also visit mosques which are wonderful, however, pays attention not to do this at the prayer times. Besides, are short trousers "pants" or skirts, naked shoulders completely is absent on the space. And I cover my head.

And of course I go beside my man "husband", hand to hand.

Nevertheless, this is not heavy, actually. Best of all you hear on her "their" feeling "emotion" or trouble the rules of Mr. Knigge. And should all that fail, then simply, nevertheless, ask.

If I go by the bus what can be very exciting "thrilling", by the way, the men "husbands" get up, so that I have a space. If I come "get" from the market and my pocket "bag" is full and heavy, one helps "assists" me get with. What throws up of course immediately the question with me as a European woman "wife" whether do I look older "elder" vieleicht than I am? If I must go in a business "shop" wait, one offers to me space and a tea.

Still I have never been bothered.
Still what has never been stolen from me.

How is that now, however, in the Turkish families?

I can talk only from families which I know. There will be exceptions certainly. No woman "wife" is made carry headscarf. She "it" carries it from conviction and for the own will. Sometimes that has to act even a little with religion, but is just practical. On the one hand, the hair is held back with the housework and to the other if the hairstyle does not sit sometimes one looks always well-arranged with cloth "scarf".

The role distribution is certainly very traditional. The men "husbands" look after the moneymaking and the women "wives" just around house "home" and children. But nobody will find that pejorative. On the contrary. My son said sometimes to me which he finds here really good, because the mothers have time for the children and here anyhow thus everything is regulated clearly.

My tip:

The last clause "rate" read over again and about it think! And the women "wives" no opinion have or have rights "laws", I differently "else" know. Many women "wives" wear "do harm" in the Turkish families the " trousers "pants" " and by decisions also often the last word.

Is it then really "actually" so differently "else" as in the western world?

One could write "compose" surely whole treatises in addition. But for what? Of each of the questions has, will also find responses "replys".

To say it for the conclusion "transaction" sometimes with Mevlana: " Show you either as well as you are, or is as well as you shows you. " Shut "approach" openly to the people. Avoid impartially with the subject Islam, and also more exactly look sometimes. Question "scrutinize".

Surprises guarantees.


If our experience reports also read to Themselves Turkey

Seker Bayraminiz kutlu olsun!
Glad Bayram party "fête"!

The finale "final" of the Ramadan is without doubt the Ramadanfest which links up to the last fast day. This year the first Bayram tag falls on Thursday (11/3/2005). This party "fête" is on the one hand an expression "printout" of the joy to have experienced the Ramadan, and, on the other hand, a climax "highlight" of the common attachment.

In the Turkish and Persian one designates "marks" holidays "Bayram". In Turkey the Ramazanfest is called "mentioned" beside "Ramazan Bayrami" also "Seker Bayrami", thus sugar festival, because, above all, the old people have the pockets "bags" of full sweets "candy" and chocolates to be able to present all children with it. However, the name "denomination" of the sugar festival is delusively, because, indeed, it are eaten in the party "fête" also sweets "candy" and are given away, but they are not a sense and the purpose "target" of the party "fête".

The family character is quite important. Children may be glad about new clothes, receive an extra allowance to be able to fulfil have small "little" wishes to themselves or the parents presents "treats" vorb!
ereitet. Many men "husbands" also present her "their" woman "wife" with new garment "apparel" or prepare her "their" one other joy. Now acquisitions "purchases" are effected with pleasure.

Related visits are usual in the first Bayram tag, in the second one one attends himself in the friend's circle and circle of friends. The festively got ready apartments are open to the holidays far because over and over again also unexpectedly visitors can go past.

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