Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Turkey in general
The basic

Election slogan of the Turkish existing since 1923 laizistischen republic:
Yurtta Sulh, Cihanda Sulh - peace in the native country, peace in the world

The capital is Ankara, which president Ahmet Necdet Sezer since May, 2000 in the office. The officialese is a Turkish.

Just 70 million Turks (stand "state" July, 2005) spread on approx. 780,000 km2, live therefore on km2 statistically seen 88.25 inhabitants "residents".

To the comparison: in Germany these are 231.1 inhabitants "residents" ever km2.

Since 1/1/2005 is the currency Yeni Türk Lirasi (ISO code TRY) and is replaced, the Turkish lira valid till then.
Gross national product of Turkey:

Whole "Complete": 301.5 Bn. $

To the comparison: Germany with 2.488,974 Bn. $

Gross national product of Turkey per head: 4,172 $

Car registration numbers: TR

Area code: +90

Mains "Supply" voltage: 220 V
Geographic position "situation" and towns "cities":

Geographically Turkey applies "extends" more than two continents. The Asian share "part" takes some 97% of the surface, the European share "part" encloses about 3% of the land surface. Turkey is enclosed by three seas. In the west of the little Aegean Sea, in the south of the Mediterranean Sea, and in the north of the Black Sea. In total 7,200 kms are fixed "determined" from nearly 10,000 kms of land borders of Turkey by the sea as a natural border. Borderlands furthermore are: Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

With the earthquake-threatened regions of the world Turkey completely joins in front. Especially "particularly" the north is concerned, on this occasion, and was shaken during the last years over and over again by earthquake. Experts classify, on this occasion, also Istanbul as a strongly threatened region of the present and future.
Towns "Cities"

While the southeast of Turkey is settled very thinly, the population concentrates in the big "great" towns "cities" of the west coast. The Verstädterung has far progressed in Turkey, 74% of the whole population live in the town "city". Below the biggest towns "cities" of Turkey:

* Adana: pot of the cultures
* Ankara: the green town "city"
* Antalya: tourist magnet of the Reviera
* Bursa: skiing on Mount Olympus
* Diyarbaki: the fortress
* Gaziantep: the anatolische tiger's town
* Istanbul: the secret Haupstadt
* Izmir: the most modern town "city"
* Konya: Sufis and dervishes


7 regions of Turkey differ strongly relating to of many factors "administrators":

* The Aegean Sea (North of Aegean See, South of Aegean Sea)
* Lycia and Antalya
* The east and South of Anatolia
* Zentralanatolien
* The Black Sea region
* Thrace and the Marmararegion

Specifications from the year 2004

Under this dot "point" a short overview about the land "country" will be as it is also usual in guides. We will hold these capacities general, lay "put", however, a special main focus on the lykische coast with her "their" specific features "peculiarities". We would like to gather data "dates", facts, history and specific features "peculiarities" of this land "country" here. Of course always under the main topic of a village setting up on the lykischen coast.

Here, in addition, we will present all areas which seem to us relevant with the immigration in Turkey.

Should a dot "point" missing "lacking" here strike you or sting your not answered question in the eye, please, informs us briefly.

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