Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Lives and jobs in Turkey

The following information is based on findings of the German Consulate General at the time of the setting in the web site. Nevertheless, for the completeness and correctness of these specifications, in particular because of changes stamped in the meantime, no guarantee can be taken over.

German employees
Stay legal

For the stay of German in Turkey is possible according to the Turkish foreign law - independent of marital status "civil state" and from the purpose "target" of the stay - for the granting of a residence permit for up to 5 years.
The Turkish foreign ministry informed in July, 2002 of new realization regulations for German as a share "part" of a preferential state team:

Granting at first for 2 years (requirement valid passport and proof of the maintenance),
Lengthening in 5 years in each case,
with real estate possession in Turkey first granting of 5 years is possible.

There is not the view of a residence permit unlimited still.

However, the " long-term stay license “ of a foreigner can be lifted "canceled" only or not be extended if a danger of the national security, the public order or morality "moral" is.
Work permit right

The law of the comprehensive regulation "control" of the work permit for foreigners is come into force in the 9/6/2003.

To the foreigners who are married with Turkish citizens and live in conjugal "marital" community "society", and now a special work permit can be given independent of the usually valid periods "terms" and requirements to EU citizens.

EU citizens have no unlimited claim to granting of a work permit unlimited. To them "her" count "apply" according to articleot. 50 of the implementation regulation the regulations "stipulations" of the articles 6-7 association council decisions EC Turkey No. 1/80.

The application of the judgement regulations (among other things bzgl. Economic situation reservation and possible precedence of Turkish employees as a refusal reason in the first years, interpretation of the criteria for license "authorization" of the work permit for independent activity by the Department of Employment and Ministry of social security remains to wait "watch for".

Besides, with the new „ order about the setting of foreign staff with foreign direct investments “ from the 8/29/2003 the reliefs "mitigations" which count "apply" to key staff in "special" foreign company subsidiaries and her "their" communications offices were created.
Occupational access / acquisition restrictions

With the new work permit right the law about trade "craft" and services has also expired from the 11th June, 1932 after which the exercise of numerous occupations "professions" was left only to Turkish citizens.

With the new regulation "control" the actual access to the job market for a huge number is opened for foreign employees and independent with it "thus" by occupations "professions" except to that of the lawyer, druggist "chemist", judge, dentist "dental surgeon", the midwife and the nurse. Special regulations are likewise planned for occupations "professions" in the engineer being, architect being and tourism being.
Be due

Turkey has moved by the 1/1/2003 with an exception regulation only for German mutuality with the height of the fees for stay title.

With effect from 4/2/2004 the fees amount to 4 for the first and 2 for every other month (instead of approx. 30 and approx. 18, for other foreigners). This signifies as examples 14 for 6 months, 26 for 1 year and 122 for 5 years, plus unique approx. 10 for the exhibition "issue" of a notebook. A lengthening costs just as much like the new exhibition.

There is no fee freeing for German wives and children of Turks.
Children less than 16 years must likewise pay the fees, there is no fee reduction for persons under age.
The up to now following additional fees count "apply" to the granting of the work permit: limited work permit till 1 year 50 Mil. TL (approx. 30), till 3 years 150 Mil. TL (approx. 90); work permit unlimited 250 Mil. TL (approx. 150); work permit for independent 500 Mil. TL (approx. 300).
German spouses of Turks

The realization regulations to the changed "amended" foreign legal intend for German spouses of Turks more favorable "convenient" conditions "terms":

* Residence permit should be given at first for three years, accordingly for five years in each case.
* According to the new realization regulations the foreign wife of a Turk after a perhaps separation acquires an independent "stand-alone" residence permit if the marriage passed at least three years in Turkey.
* The law of the reorganization of the work permit right intends, all EU citizens as well as the spouses of Turks like less than I.2 better described to put "arrange".

Tip "Indication"

Of course there are with a planned immigration in Turkey to begin with certain things "matters" to clear. Started "begun" with the stay and the work permit up to other things "matters". We will be troubled at this point to hold the information so clearly and understandably "clearly" as possible without renouncing a comprehensiveness. If you yourself have information with respect to that for us, a message "mail" writes "composes" to us. This can be a link "hyperlink", an experience report or a good literature recommendation.
Emigration questions

With general emigration questions the federal management office is available with detailed "verbose" information.

There is an information place for emigrants and foreign-active. Information about foreign right "law" is given. Besides, there are the additional advice centers Germany-wide which can be also taken from the following pages.

The interest in information about the relations "ratios" in other countries grows from year to year. Who intends to go abroad on time or duration "length", his "its" decision hits - independent of his "its" motives - according to the images "performances" which he has of his "its" destination land.

They should be close to present and freely from illusions.

The news service of the federal management office (BVA) contributes to it.

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