Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

The history and the project Cirali

I want to go back not in the antiquity, but in 1924. Freeing war of Turkey which had sequences also in this area. The Greek-stocky population had to leave Turkey. Thus also originated in the area around Olympos a personnel vacuum. The Turkish state settled in these areas "fields" Yörüks (nomad) which received from the state the right "law", this area "field" agriculturally to be of use. Land register-engineering one calls "mentions" these areas "fields" 2B zones. Belongs, actually, to the state, nevertheless, the right "law" weitervererben is at the same time in the possession of the families, which. This land "country" may not be sold and a new owner also gets no land register entry.

From 1980 the first inhabitants "residents" started to set up small "little" pensions according to substitute in the area around Olympos and to get a supplementary income with it "thus". Fast got visible that from Kemer shortly a real "virtual" construction boom would start in the direction of southwest. In view of a unique physical scenery with old pine forests, an untouched sand coast of about 3-km length which is used yearly "annually" by about 80 Caretta Caretta (tortoises) to the egg-laying was quickly clear that this paradise could have no more long "tall" inventory "stock".

Thus it was a luck "happiness" that the national WWF and the inhabitants "residents" Ciralis met in 1990 and compiled an alternative tourism project. This was called:
Organic agriculture, small "little" hotels and pensions, this all behind the dune scenery and in environment-conscious construction method "style". In the foreground stood and still today stands: protection of the whole "complete" dune scenery and with it "thus" also the guarantee that the gigantic sea tortoises can deposit furthermore undisturbed her "their" eggs. In addition likewise belongs: No music, no disco, so little light as possible. While to 10 years this whole model was developed and was taken over in 2000 by a specially "specifically" founded village cooperative. Today 6 persons look during 5 months exclusively after the sea tortoises, Gelege and registration of the young animals.

The inhabitants "residents" AND pension operating authorities are persuaded of her "their" concept, the booking entries and, above all, the value added speak for themselves. High season is from beginning of May till the end of September, main visitor teams are Turks and German. By a survey of the university Glamorgan the beach "seashore" was chosen by Cirali / Olympos in 2003 to the worldwide best sand beach. The mixture of protected "safe" unobstructed scenery, long "tall" open beach "seashore", antique place and the azure clean water is unique here. Nevertheless, the whole project stands on the spring. The state has arranged to this area "field" recently to the 2-B state and plans a sale of the whole "complete" beach paragraph to great investors.

It is not to be excluded "expelled" that in short time the current "present" operating authorities of the pensions controlled on excellent standard are confronted with the situation "position" that one expropriates them "her", her "their" companies geschleift become and will spread at place "job" of about 300 small existences from now on great hotels or club layouts after known sample. How it will go on then with wood and sea tortoises, each itself can work out "can calculate" itself. Cirali urgently needs "requires" a lobby at home and abroad

Please, announce yourselves "contact" to us. We organize just a signature list against this decision!!

We ask no acts of an individual to start with respect to that, and will not likewise do this without You


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