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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Health services Turkey

To begin with we would like to let other voices "votes" come "get" to word, so that you can do "make" at last yourselves a picture "an image" to Yourselves. We owe this arrangement to the Swiss refugee's help (SFH very advisable homepage and organization) and there in particular Mr. Michael Kirschner. The following passages, as well as the adjoining pages were made available to us kindly, in spite of copyright. Thanks go naturally also to all other auxiliaries.
The Turkish health system
in the foreign representation

The descriptions of the Turkish health service in the representations more internationally and national, state and non-state institutions and organizations are similar and, nevertheless, are different. Although the whole evaluations vary, is expressed in all contributions that an equal access is not guaranteed to medical care "supply" in Turkey.

The World Health Organization (WHO) as well as the European Union (EU) indicate that Turkey, measured in her "their" income, relatively bad health indicators shows. The reports Turkey - medical care position, July, 2003 of the EU make clear that an improvement can be caused in the Turkish health service only by structure reforms and additional investments in the health area.

Indeed, the Federal Office for refugees admits, that the green Karte* (Turkish: Yesil Kart) repeats only in Günstlinge will assign, however, does not mention that patients with the green card are partially rejected "partially turned away" by university handles.

The German Foreign Office comments from that point of view that the health care cannot be compared often to the European standards. The Swiss refugee's help makes clear in her "their" present "previous" position analyses to Turkey the meaning of the financial possibilities of the patient and the big "great" differences of the quality of treatment between private and state hospitals.

To the single representations about the Turkish health system
The structure of the Turkish health service

The structure of the Turkish health system is complicated: different state and private institutions and organizations offer medical services.

Many state public health services suffer from staff shortage. It still comes "gets" to infringements and processes against health staff which exerts itself, for instance, for torture victim. Indeed, the current "actual" Turkish health policy sits down some ambitious destinations for improvement in the health service to raise "increase" this, however, without financial means for it "in return".
Primary care

The basic medical care "supply" is guaranteed by health position and health centers in the villages. The health ministry is the biggest supplier of primary health care. Health positions dispose of a midwife and are ordinarily responsible for 2 ' 500 to 3 ' 000 people. In 2000 there were 11 ' 747 health positions in Turkey.

Health centers occupy at least one doctor / a doctor, a nurse and a midwife. Their "her" major task is
the treatment "processing" and prevention of transferable illnesses. In 2000 there were 5 ' 700 health centers in Turkey. (WHO: Health Care of system in Transition: Turkey, in 1996) offered Further primary medical basic care to 2000 291 family planning centers, 270 tuberculosis stations, twelve stations for gender illnesses and 68 laboratories for the public health. (United Nations information centre Turkey, situation "position" analysis of HIV AIDS Turkey)

[Secondary care]
Access to the health service

An equal access to the health service is not guaranteed in Turkey. People with low "small" financial possibilities, members of especially "particularly" vulnerable "violative" teams and people which live far away of the metropolises in the east of Turkey often have no access to adequate, to her "their" needs "wants" suitable medical treatment "processing". The medical care "supply" in the like institutions is still defective.

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