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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Turkish education system
Educational system

The juridical

Of our knowledge after parents are to be let come up "to be let fall" legally "by law" obliged to her "their" children a suitable school education and to fulfil the compulsory education of her "their" children. Here we will argue with this lawful default "handicap" for children and parents of German citizenship and are for formulated texts which deal with this subject thankfully. It goes, on this occasion, of describing therefore the lawful IST-Zustand and to state "lead" the criteria according to which one fulfils the default "handicaps" as parents.

Nursery school (and U. at the owner's expense)

Kindergartens or nursery schools record children between 3 - to 5 years to educate them "her" together and to prepare them "her" for the coming "next" basic school hours.


If closer information is known to You to kindergartens or nursery schools in the space "room" Antalya, informs us, please. With which kindergarten have you done "made" which experience, how high are the fees, how big the teams, in which kindergarten in the isolated case already German-speaking or English-speaking children? If you yourself are a child gardener or educator and could introduce to you to introduce independently you on site in a village, hesitates not to record contact with us.

School beings

For the education "the bringing up" at school for the purposes of the Turkish state principles the " national ministry "department" of education "formation" is responsible " in Ankara.
Well-arranged school education

The teams whose members on the same "identical" educational stand and in the same "identical" age step are a school education are summarized into classes and are informed "taught" by fixed guidelines.
The lessons take place in a school. The system is applied "exercised" to four different levels "plains": to the nursery schools, the elementary "primary" schools, the grammar schools and the colleges "universities".
Nursery school (and U. at the owner's expense)

Kindergartens or nursery schools record children between 3 - to 5 years to educate them "her" together and to prepare them "her" for the coming "next" basic school hours.
Elementary "Primary" school

From the age "the old person" of six years a 8-year-old compulsory education exists "consists" for the children. College fees "tuition" may not be required, for a finished basic school education one receives a certificate. The children carry school clothes. A valid stay license must be presented.
Grammar schools (mostly liable for costs "at the owner's expense")

After the basic school education the children have the possibility to attend 3 years either schools high school or a vocational school, the learning destination of these three years is,
For children to provide a good general education and to prepare them "her" for a study or the visit of an advanced technical college.
The colleges "universities"

One designates "marks" college "university" the schools which offer at least one two-year-old continuing education. Belong to it: universities, factorials, institutes, advanced technical colleges and research centers.
Extraordinary school education

All educational institutes which offer lessons beyond the well-arranged educational system school education belong in this Gruppe:Volkshochschulen, trade schools and distant schools.
What now do?

Many parents see no other possibility to let inform "teach" as her "their" children in a Turkish school. This does "makes" sense if the children want to be interested in the Turkish language and integrate themselves here fast or if simply and affecting the money is absent. If children refuse lessons of such type, one should not force it and search for other ways. Mostly it is criticized which the teachers are badly trained and the lessons are carried out after steady Turkish state principles. In Turkey separation is carried out "applied" by church and state, which is why there are at school even general religious lessons.
German schools

Here, unfortunately, there are in Turkey only 2 German schools in Istanbul and Ankara. British, American and other international schools are also represented "substituted" there. These schools are all liable for costs. The college fees "tuition" lie with about 5500 of-7000 per school year. Indeed, the children receive a polyglot and very much sound "well-founded" school education after German curricula. In the cost thing the reason "ground" is to be seen certainly also, why many parents send the children in Turkish schools.
Distance learning

Another possibility lies to let train the children by distance learning. What does this call?

They announce "register" her "their" child in a by the state admitted distant school in Germany. They receive all necessary school materials from this learning institute to her "their" place of residence abroad sent. The training aids are adapted to the age "the old person" and the school year and are wonderfully arranged. The sense is here which the children work her "their" teaching material, in the beginning with the help of the parents, later only. Thus practically "virtually" selfstudy. At regular intervals the children must write "compose" tests which are sent then to Germany and come back corrected. There follow normal marks "marking" and if requested there are reports "testimonies".

also in the abgelegentsten corner of the world her "their" child receives a school education after German curricula.

there is not this also for Nothing. The expenses amount to about 2500 of-3500 per school year.

Comment and addresses

I point out the following by the decision after the right "correct" school education:

They as parents have decided to spend her "their" life in Turkey. They are in the duty to let the best possible school education angedeihen to her "their" children. There is at the moment no agreement "deal" between Germany and Turkey which recognizes "accepts" graduations mutually. Do you think what is if her "their" child later decides to return to Germany? With which graduation will it have then the best chances?

It was to be founded sometimes in the discussion a German school in Alanya. Unfortunately, I have no further information about that, but I think, this project has been shattered. Then this school would be also subordinate to the Turkish school authority.

I myself have decided on distance learning. In the beginning it was a big "great" changeover, because the children are accustomed which is there a teacher who explains "declares" all material. Now suddenly they must work everything itself. The teaching material is compressed very much and appropriate for children. My decision resulted from the considerations "reflections" which if we would return as a family, my children without problems immediately into the current lessons could get and to the other if they return later after ending of the school to Germany, they would have an approved graduation. One must detain "must keep open" to the children the door.

The second reason "ground" to decide me for the distance learning was in my eyes, indeed, ridiculously, however, nevertheless, a serious problem explained for my boys. The problems hiessen:Schulkleidung and the Turkish language. I have that has chosen and, therefore, this way.

Meanwhile they have by the games and the contact with other children Turkish speak skilledly, although they are, nevertheless, with English substantially close "familiar".

They see, a lot points out it if one liked to live with children abroad. Hence, many wait, until the children have partly arisen.


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