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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Turkish education system
Educational system

The lawful compulsory education was raised "increased" in the last education reform in 1997 from 5 to 8 years. After this time a crossing "transition" takes place in the four-year-old Sekundarstufe II in which since n 2004/2005 all pupils must choose the second foreign language.

From the whole population of Turkey there are approx. 25% at the school-age age "old person". The educational system is also concerned by the economic gap "abyss" between the east and the entwickelteren west of Turkey. Thus it is in the east no exception that school first-class with more than 50 pupils per class exist "consist".

On account of lacking financing and the high number in school-age children there are in the school being the farther "further" considerable deficits which concern Turkey as a whole.

Thus it is usual in Turkey on account of missing "lacking" state, financial means that parents must raise considerable payments to the support of the schools. These problems contribute to the fact that the Turkish education system is still removed "unloaded" from the destination of 100% Einschulquote. Especially "particularly" the girls are not sent to school "not enrolled" according to a World Bank study "sketch". Currently "actually" becomes the general Einschulquote lies with 93% of all school-age children, of it are 600,000 school-age girls are not sent to school "not enrolled".

The illiteracy in Turkey was ascertained in 2000 with 6% of the men "husbands" and 18% of the women "wives".

For some it shall be read interesting that at the Turkish schools and colleges "universities" absolute headscarf ban rules. This concerns the pupils / students as well as the teachers. Offense against this ban is put through in case of need also with police power what has been a subject of quick-tempered debates "discussions" during the last years.

This ban is justified in the self-image of Turkey as the laizistischen state which has no religious preferences.
Colleges "Universities"

Since 1981 are 53 state colleges "universities" and 24 by the state approved private foundation universities to the Turkish university council (YÖK). From all school-leavers of a volume 28% decide on a continuing university education what corresponds "fulfils" to just 2 million students.

Informs "Teaches" and these of approx. 77,100 teachers are looked after.

To the assignments "tasks" of the university council YÖK heard, the regulation "control" of the access to the colleges "universities", the development of plans "tarpaulins" for the opening new colleges "universities", the coordination of the finances, the personnel plan and also the teaching capacities. The result "outcome" of an annual "yearly" entrance examination is vital for the choice "election" of the college "university" and the subject. This entrance examination is carried out by the " Turkish central office for the student's mediation " which is subordinated to the YÖK.

The thin "meager" financial means of the education system are also responsible for the bad financing of the colleges "universities". The private universities let themselves compensate the study supply with fees between 4,000 and 10,000 euro yearly "annually".

The main interest of approx. 17,000 foreign students consists of citizens of the Central Asian Turk states. Basically the possibility on a promotion of the study exists "consists" by a credit admission and the life in halls of residence.

List of the Turkish universities
Info "Information" education "formation"

Here we would like to treat the possibilities of the education "formation" in the furthermost sense. Of course we would like to consider the school education of our children in the approach, therefore already existing possibilities on site introduce, however, as new ways in our village indicate. There is, on this occasion, also the juridical to notice, at least "anyway", we are obliged to providing for the school education of our little ones.

Here we are grateful especially "particularly" for experiences directly already in Turkey of living parents. However, you are a teacher and know the ways to offer abroad lessons according to the law, informs us, please. What must we pay attention to, what must we consider what fulfil which free spaces are there which possibilities occur to you? Can you even introduce yourself "even fancy" to inform "teach" in Turkey? Please, write "compose" to us.

Therefore the following dots "points" still to be formulated which we have already processed "executed" thanks Biancas support arise "surrender" here from our point of view.

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