Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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The tourists worldwide radiated the last decades increasingly, accomplished her "their" plant of the destruction in so one masses that now is even traded. After human manner, indeed, a little bit chaotically, but, at least "anyway", provide with name: the ecotourism is in every one's mouth to save already found still.
Year of the ecotourism

In 2002 it was exclaimed to the international year of the ecotourism. 1000 participants "competitors" from 130 countries dismissed "saw off" at the first ecotourism summit of UN in Canada the " explanation "statement" of Quebec to the ecotourism “. On this occasion, catchwords are a quality and pleasure, should also travel acceptably be present "involved". Alternative tour operators can laugh at the crisis mood in the tourism well, with growth rates up to 50 percent there is in the " forum "newsgroup" differently "else" travel “ another trend "tendency". When a place becomes the socially and environmental-acceptable destination, 60 labels worldwide distinguish "price", in the meantime. Beside this allocation "placing" of environmental character numerous competitions are written out, prices are lent "given" and other "further" promotions are initiated. Because even the experts "specialists" on account of so much ecological trip possibilities lose the overview, we may be confused as a consumer and future suppliers in this area unabashedly. Particularly as in case of more precise consideration the thing becomes not clearer, from environmental compatibility we do not want to talk at all.
Attempt of a small "little" overview:

The new roof brand for environmental-acceptable trip supplies has the natural one enjoy as a motto. Viabono is supported "backed up" by more than 20 environmental organizations, consumer councils and tourism organizations, municipalities and authorities. The traveler should renounce nothing, never mind may expect "await" comfort, however, quality, rest and trip experience. The environmental care should be united as an explained "declared" destination with the well-being of the guests "company", her "their" interest in nature, the health and culture, the needs "wants" to adults and also children.
Till present about 100 suppliers with a uniform character are expelled "deported" here since autumn, 2001. As an applicant around this label one must fulfil detailed "verbose" criteria catalogs. Thus it must be explained how one avoids secession, energy and water saves whether one supports "backs up" environmental-careful journeys, noise pollution avoids. Subjects like the needs "wants" of special guest's teams (non-smoker, allergy sufferer, diabetic) are interrogated and also the nature conservation and scenery protection, environmental-acceptable construction, regional economic cycles and environmental management are interested.
Blue swallow

The blue swallow is lent "given" already since 1990 by the trip magazine "Verträglich Reisen" for environmental-acceptable and social-acceptable lodgings. Till present the list contains approx. 120 houses "homes" of Finland to Spain. As a least criterion ecological management must be kept. This contains seasonal and national courts "dishes", the accessibility "approachability" with public transport middle as well as energy measures, water measures and secession measures up to acceptable leisure activities. Also the observance of the pay settlements like the regular sedate is checked.


(Up to now) in the initiative visit 10 bigger European labels have united for environmental-acceptable tourism. High standards fulfil in particular the characters for lodgings like hotels, camping sites and youth hostels. About which standards it exactly "just" is, on this occasion, is heavy to investigate. But I work "operate" on it.

France: the Les Clefs Vertes (,
Austria: the environmental character for tourism companies (,
Holland: the environment barometer (,
Luxenburg: the EcoLabel (,
Denmark, Estonia, Greenland, Sweden: the green key (Groenne Noegle) (,
England: the Green Tourisme (,
Italy: Legambiente Turismo for the Emilia Romagna ( and
Sweden and Norway: the " northern "Nordic" swan “ (
Internationally: the Grenn Globe, an international certificate for environmental management in the tourism (

ECEAT - vacation on biocourts "bioyards"

And here it is unambiguously about the environment as it is understood commonly. The high-class test of ECEAT is interested in the contact with water, secession and energy. The construction biology is interrogated and also the accessibility "approachability" with public transport middle will not forget. The supplies "offers" for children and the possibilities of the cooperation on an ecological court complement the interrogative catalog. After a passed test, one is led by the label in the guides of ECEAT.

If our village so far a label is to be received, we become to us under


in detail inform.
Sense and nonsense of ecological labels
splits between light "sham" and his "its"

To what extent a label for environmental compatibility or even "still" environmental care stands it is still debated. The amount "crowd" in possible distinctions and different criteria for her "their" acquisition allow to miss, indeed, a clear line what changes "amends", nevertheless, nothing in her "their" popularity.

More and more tourism companies hire environmental consultants who must take care of an ecological image of the trip supply. Besides, the strategies with which the picture "image" is recovered by the clean, intact environment are often doubtful "uncertain". What might not surprise, because it is with the setting of the ladies about the image of the environment and not around itself.

However, the consumers really want to do something "anything" for the environment, at least "anyway", they are ready "idle" with some trip suppliers even "still" an amount to pay beforehand which is led "managed" to the trip ground for lasting "sustained" tourism.

The governments also develop watching an interest the taking guarantors tourism by lastingness to protect. Indeed, are till present often only those regions which already fight with the problem of the mass tourism (Majorca, nevertheless, the Maldives) this development admits absolutely hope for Turkey.
A village like us it plan, will bump into support. The fertile soil "culture medium" for developments of our kind "way" is prepared, capitalism would designate "mark" a prospering in this area boom.

And with it "thus" not enough: we start our own label...

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