Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Tourism in general

Marco Polo released a trend "tendency" from which he would not have dared to dream certainly. What has been even earlier unwieldy and adventurously, because mostly the infrastructures did not exist, today is a mass phenomenon with the most different stamping "development": we travel.

The tourism was and is still a forerunner of the globalization, as a development sponsor of all national economies discovers "finds out" for a long time and the industrialized countries develop increasingly to the leisure companies what gives, in addition, immense growth rates to the tourism.

The traveling is of the German the dearest holiday activity, with trips abroad we are even "still" European champions and spent in 2003 nearly 60 billion euro for it "in return". On this occasion, there are trends "tendencies" and developments which come "get" of our idea of a village setting up to the Südtürkei with guest's entertainment against. In 2003 3.3 Mil. German attended Turkey, in 2004 these were already 4 Mil. and for 2005 one counts on 4.4 Mil. German and in general on a two-digit growth installment for the whole "complete" Turkish tourism. The fact that, besides, mass tourism have flowed in the Turkish Riviera two thirds of the income by the international tourists during the past "last" three years into the hands of less than ten North European tour operators, corresponds "fulfils" to the ruling economy "economics". Here we will begin and write "compose" other statistics for ourselves and our neighbors.
We lie with the choice "election" of Turkey as our new native country in the middle of trend "tendency".

The mass tourism leaves his "its" tracks what moves him every now and then also in the direction of Turkey. For a long time are many idyllic beaches "seashores" of the Mediterranean space zugebaut, ecologically extremely loads and which vacationer saves with pleasure water or takes his "its" garbage again home what must be required increasingly. Therefore the call "name" after long-term alternatives will get in the tourism industry louder and louder, after labels than environmental emblem introduced "imported", cross-border political ways the protection of the nature and the people walked. Indeed, the sellout of the not yet so developed countries for the tourism (as for example "such as" Turkey) still goes on, however, receives increasingly another quality. And if one may believe the investigations of the university of Bern, the average tourist is also adaptive and gets more environment-conscious. It arise "surrender" from the different ones

Developments for the future 10 trends "tendencies" in the tourism which we should know.
Trend "Tendency" to the individuation:
Trend "Tendency" to security and high claim
Trend "Tendency" to the experience
Trend "Tendency" to more well-being in the holidays
Trend "Tendency" to the cozy environment
Trend "Tendency" to warmth in the holidays
Trend "Tendency" to cheaper traveling
Trend "Tendency" to more frequent and shorter traveling
Trend "Tendency" for spontaneous trip decisions
Trend "Tendency" to more mobile trip behavioral

The average tourist gets the clubs slowly sorry ones which offer the forever same "identical" refreshment bar "Buffet" by " All included " always in similar ambience. One gets more deliberate and above all also for the trip countries opener, more courageous in the traveling and the experience himself.

Here there is already a small "little", quiet "soft" trend "tendency" of the ecological communities, guests "company" in her "their" community "society" against payment record. The trip trends of the future, coupled with the originating need "want" for alternatives in the everyday life against the dubious pension, will give many inquiries relating to to a stay in our middle to us. The fact that we put "place" with it "thus" character in the direction of an acceptable tourism, an alternative for life in total and the environmental care, we look "consider" as a pleasant side effect and not the destination of our village community.

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Tourism In general

As for most Mediterranean neighbors the tourism has also become for Turkey a significant economic factor (the most important foreign currency bringer is the textile industry).

The visitor figures make clear this already:

* 14 Mil. foreign guests were counted in 2003
* under it "among them" 3.3 Mil. German ones
* and in 2004 4 Mil. our compatriots already came "got" to the vacation in Turkey.
* For 2005 one counts on 4.4 Mil. German and in general on a two-digit growth installment.
* The income "resources" of the tourism sector amounted in 2004 to 15.9 Bn. dollars.

One counts on substantial growth rates also during the coming "next" years.

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