Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Purchase of land
Property acquisition in Turkey
1. Natural persons

German natural persons may acquire in Turkey provisory of the lawful restrictions property.

As a lawful acquisition restriction, above all, the ban on foreigner counted "applied" up to now of acquiring reason "ground" in villages within the agreed village area.

With the law come into force in the 7/19/2003 No. 4916 this was abolished "canceled" basically ban.

After the new regulation "control" foreign natural persons might acquire properties up to a size of a total of 30 hectares in Turkey, excluded in military blocking state regions and security zones, at first taking into account the mutuality and without license granting by the Turkish authorities as well as without stay in Turkey.

For the acquisition of properties which are greater than 30 hectares the license "authorization" of the council of ministers is to be caught up. With the acquisition on account of lawful Erbfolge of properties it requires "takes" no such license "authorization".

On account of a decision of the Turkish constitutional court from March, 2005 the rules must be concretized to the property acquisition by foreigners by the legislator.

If effected acquisition as well as the normal acquisition of a holidays real estate travels around is not concerned by it as a rule. In doubt it is advisable to drag a Turkish lawyer to installment.
2. Juridical persons

The same "identical" lawful regulations "controls" and restrictions count "apply" after introduction "after coming into force" of the new law No. 4916 for the purchase of land in Turkey to foreign juridical persons like they are performed "listed" less than IV.1.

Spring "Source" German embassy of Ankara

Stand "State": November, in 2005

Because can be seen from the current "actual" Internet research not unambiguously as the new law of the regulation "control" was dismissed "seen off" by purchase of land by foreigners and from when it is legal, we have written up the embassy in Turkey to be able to offer definitive information.


24th October, 2005
The new real estate law is dismissed "seen off", however, does not reach yet. It was probably decided that there will be for foreigners no limitation in the square meter. Also the land register entries, up to now to 5 months and longer "taller" lasted now should follow, on deposit of at least 40% of the purchase price within one day.

Do the Turks work "operate" so fast? As soon as I have the precise text, I send to you the law. Here, by the way, hire purchase o.ä. is very unusual. You consult since with euerem project quite well to purchase a suitable property. However, should wait no more too long, because the prices explode at the moment.



We would like to found a village and for it "in return" we need land "country". Now the formalities in Turkey are not the same like in Germany, also some landowner "freeholder" become anew woke like from a nightmare. We will give here an overview about the action which leads to the success and explain resultant right "law" and duties from land ownership.

Should you want to get rid of a property in Turkey what seems to be was suited for our purposes "targets", contact with us records.

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