Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Turkey Self Employment
Business Startup
Existence setting up Turkey

Independence Turkey
Types of enterprise Turkey
1.) Sole proprietorship / single businessman

The single entrepreneur is liable "sticks" unrestrictedly, i.e. not only with his "its" cash investment, but also with his "its" whole "complete" private property. He carries the risks only. Profits and losses meet only him.
2.) Partnerships
(Sahis Sirketleri)

Here are to be called "mentioned":

Company of the middle-class "civil" right "law"
(Adi Ortaklik),
General partnership
(Kollektif Sirket) and
Limited partnership
(Komandit Sirket)

All three are current types of enterprise which can be recommended for repatriates.
Company of the middle-class "civil" right "law"
(Adi Ortaklik)

It "She" can be founded within the scope of the Turkish responsible legal and not according to the Turkish commercial legal by natural and juridical persons. Solidarhaftung counts "applies" to the companions. She is no juridical person. Everything can be introduced in the company as a capital. "Whole hand property" counts "applies" to the companions. Profits and losses are distributed among the companions in the same "identical" way "manner".
General partnership
(Kollektif Sirket)

It "She" must be founded by at least two natural persons according to commercial law. The companions are liable "stick" unrestrictedly, i.e. with the whole "complete" private property. It is worth at the same time Solidarhaftung. There is no lower and upper border for the capital to be introduced. The profit is distributed according to social contract. With this legal form stands, as far as it has not been determined "stipulated" by the contract differently "else", the management competence all companions to. The general partnership is founded according to commercial law, is led and is liquidated.
Limited partnership
(Komandit Sirket)

Also it "she" is founded according to commercial law. For the setting up of a limited partnership at least two persons must exist. With them are liable "stick" the complementary without restriction. Only the limited partners are liable "stick" with her "their" cash investment registered in the trade register. The right "law" to the management "board" is entitled on the strength of law only to the personally being liable "sticking" companions (Complementary ones). The limited partners are involved "appropriately" in the profit, i.e. accordingly by the height of the capital participation conditioned risk acquisition. Juridical persons as a companion can take part only as limited partners. The complementary must be natural persons. Also here counts "applies": care with the choice of the partners.

Counts "Applies" to all three types of enterprise that repatriates to themselves should be with the search for a partner about that in the Clear one that this very exactly "just" is to be selected. Already some has fallen for a " windy profit-seeker ", others have done "made" the error "bug" to get involved in a partnership "share" for relational "family" reasons "grounds".
3.) Stock corporations
(Sermaye Sirketleri)
Limited liability company
(GmbH: Limited Sirket)

The Limited Sirket is founded from at least two and at most 50 natural or juridical persons according to commercial law and is led. She "it" forms "establishes" a juridical person. With companions of a GmbH the liability is limited to the cash investment. The least capital (joint stock "ordinary capital") [see Turkish GmbH] must amount certain TL-sum which changes on account of the high inflation at regular intervals. The nominal height of the joint stock "ordinary capital" is fixed "determined" by the statute and is registered in the trade register.
Open corporation
(A.S.: Anonim Sirket)

Eine AG or ACE can be founded by at least five natural or juridical persons. She "it" is to be equipped with a share capital by height certain TL-sum [see open corporation of Turkey] which changes on account of the high inflation at regular intervals. With the stockholders the liability is delimited to the cash investment. The nominal capital participation is the key for the profit sharing. The share capital is pieced together in stocks. The open corporations have publicity duty. The setting up of the Istanbuler stock exchange in 1989 has affected at times for AGs very positively. Anyhow this type of enterprise is not possible for repatriates as a rule, unless they would have been independent already in Germany very successfully.
Cooperative "Association"
(Kooperatif Sirket)

The cooperative "association" is after Turkish administration of justice a juridical person of the private legal who originates after license "authorization" of the statute and with the entry in the local trade register. The purpose "target" of the cooperative "association" is the protection and protection of economic interests of the members. A cooperative "an association" can be founded according to cooperative law by at least seven persons and with a least share capital by a certain height [see PDF on the top right] (frequent change "amendment"). Members can also introduce material goods as a capital. A limitation of the capital is inadmissibly. The limited liability with the business share "the share in the company" is the rule. There exist some tax incentive. Cooperatives "associations" are founded often by repatriates, they are interesting just in connection with the in the following explained small industry settlements for them "her".

Detailed information to the Turkish company legal as well as to the formalities during the setting up of a company can be caught up by the economic department of the Turkish embassy in Bonn, from the German Turkish chamber of commerce in Istanbul and/or by a counselor on site.

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