Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Non profit organizations (NPO)

This dot "point" can win from our point of view for our village community a special meaning. With NPO ` s all social organization, associations, to ecclesiastical unions are meant "thought" etc. To all it is common "joint" that her "their" destination not on profit is aimed, but is of benefit in any form, her "their" order "contract" according to the generality. This is to us basically sympaticaly...

Here we would like to display "show" a small "little" overview about these teams in our company, come on specific features "on peculiarities" and indicate, above all, possibilities of the collaboration in the most different areas. With the time the attached connections to which find an one or other organization and aimed partnerships will be also already declared here. NPO ` s take over a substantial share "part" of the most different activities and assistances in our company which we find, on the one hand, good, and which we could also support "could also back up" partly in one or other way by a village. Beginning with accommodation of teams during excursions in Turkey, available position "standpoint" of rooms and also professional consultation "consulting", support "care" by our vorhandenden qualification "skill" with criteria still to be fixed "determined".

Should a dot "point" missing "lacking" here strike you or sting your not answered question in the eye, please, informs only briefly. If you know organizations which would like to master her "their" activities, assistances or her "their" basic order "contract" naturally also with pleasure in a long-term relationship "in a symbiosis" described here, please, contact with us records.


Churches, associations

Social organizations

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