Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

IT and technology

Thanks of the Internet and the modern technology we are to be populated meanwhile again in the position (situation) remote regions and still (nevertheless) remain with the rest (remainder) of the world connencted (online). We can enjoy the preferences (advantages) of natural life-style and be present at the same time at the other end of the world via Internet.

Countless freelances need (require) the infrastructure of the cities in the everyday (daily) job life no more. The expenses for living room, VEHICLE and life posture devour meanwhile the large part of the income (resources) or the salary. Thus we live day after day, day after day to work (operate) and should be not reverse like it, actually.

Nevertheless, there are alternatives how our project indicates. In this column we want to devote ourselves to the IT area with the engineering (technical) possibilities.

We satisfy the care companies with our energy consumption and fill the purses of the stockholders. The fact that energy is produced predominantly at the expenses of the nature is known to us. We have proceeded in an Addiction which is not to be escaped in customary (traditional) way (manner).

Because we should defend ourselves against every form of the dependence we to us logically even with energy and water supply and our ballast decontaminate. The research has developed the necessary technology for a long time. She (it) waits for it to be used (also free of charge for research purposes).

On the following pages we want to inform about this technology. Who feels appealed (spoken) to take over an area of this column? The solar electricity has for us uppermost priority. Who knows a lot? We will set up in a separate forum (newsgroup) on this subject. Who is to be taken over competently enough the presentation of the forum (newsgroup)? Further we search experts in the areas (fields): gas and water (installation, planning), sewage, heating and subjects all around the budgetary technology. Farther (further) alternative energy production possibilities: Who knows a lot? Would like you to report about your branch (specialist area)?

The free lance programmers, IT pros, editors and other (further) PC junkies know about her (their) advantage of the local freedom. Many of us still (nevertheless) act irrationally: we squander our money pointlessly, while we live, for instance, in Munich to the rent, although we could deal with our activity just as well from Timbuktu or Antarctic from. Customer's visits can be dealt with during a few-days-stay. Germany stay comfortably and accordingly it goes again ... from in the nature.

Meanwhile we need (require) not even a telephone to spread our embassies. Internet via Satelite is no more Science Fiction but reality. We would like to indicate here the possibilities of the engineering (technical) conversion. Who knows a lot well and would like to report here on these pages. We would like to offer you also a platform for your interests (or hobby). Naturally we also set up the suitable forum (newsgroup) when required.

We would like to run the as own servers in Turkey and set up an intranet. Also here we search the people (staff) who know a lot: network technician, administrators etc.

With the Tipi to New York

The tipi and Yurts will be connected via Internet and intranet with New York, Cairo and Sydney. By Webcam you can attend the family and friends and bring forward your joy and joy of living by means of Indian fertility dance to you...

And the energy for this wireless business delivers to us the light, free of charge and 365 Meeting in the year.

P.S. Nevertheless, we also tolerate communication muzzle ... no interlinking compulsion exists (consists);-)

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