Community in Turkey
Hermes Projekt Lebensgemeinschaft in der Türkei Hermes Projekt: English Version Projet Hermes: Français Hermes Project: Russian Version Projekt Hermes: Hrvatski Progetto Hermes- Fondazione di una Comunita` Eco-Villaggio Hermes Project: Turkish Version Hermes Project: Romanian Version Hermes Projekt Spanish
Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Symbiosis Lifestyle Multi Culture Quality Management

Quality of life

Common "Joint" activities and operations "actions" for all people just living in the village will get on always as leisure supplies and live from the interest of the singles and his "its" participation.

Everybody will find according to his "its" images "performances", wishes and ideas possibilities of itself the bringing in. There should be given free spaces in personal development for the singles without losing, nevertheless, the relation "connection" to the currents "streams" of our company.

By the structure and the mind "ghost" of the village manifold fields "boxes" will arise "surrender" in the area of the technology, the Permakultur, the tourism and the whole fluctuation margin of the conceivable seminars to be offered and Workshops.

After completion of the restaurant and the communal kitchen common "joint" food "eating" can take place for the village community, the Freiluftcinema will invite regularly to filming "films", the beds "natural mineral deposits" in the village will shout in the evening to the campfire, the village itself, circularly built, will promote the common life.

This all one should grow out of itself from which participants "competitors" originate in this project and for all proposals be open without giving regulations or recommendations "references".

Also for the singles there will be times of the seclusion as well as the wish for community "society", the village should be able to offer a space "room" for both.

Human meetings and developments will arise "surrender" for all involved parties just from bringing together of the different human teams mentioned on top.

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