Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Open Source

Open Source is a concept which the media Internet has created. An amount from eager helps in an idea. From an internal need to make a little bit common to the fun in the joy and a vision destination.

Linux became and is so programmed, and has become competitive in comparison with the suitable Microsoftprodukten more than. All who want take part{join in} and somewhat originates from all, they want to have a sense. However, how can this be transmitted on a village setting up?

Villages Open Source

To found a long-term relationship and study group, is an exceedingly complicated process which orientates itself by many circumstances and must work out totally new. This requires countless, single steps which must be dealt with bit by bit with suitable Know How. If the destination this community from the resources of the cofounders was to be created only, the dimension would presumably have to be extended on the construction of a city. Only the juridical transaction of the property purchase with suitable arrangements between the cofounders, would do equally several lawyers with different, technical main focuses inalienably.

Thus there will be just with the construction many specialists who can introduce themselves naturally in the beginnings, however, in the connection would state{lead} our unemployed statistics except them nebenberufliche talents bring along for future acquisition possibilities. Therefore interesting, conceivable scenarios arise for us.

A lawyer can support us from conviction vigorously if it becomes necessary for us, and we offer him in the connection, with family or friends, unforgettable holidays or an effective web site.

Some crafts enterprises close their gates in European winter, because certain materials cannot be processed with zero degrees. There should also be crafts enterprises with miraculous job climate, enjoy also those the common work outings. Maybe a continuing education queues for the workers, it could be offered in Turkey, the work outing in holidays converted and with common strength, for instance, the Untergund for the Tipis be decorated.

Associations of the most different alignment often go away together and connect interesting abilities{talents} of the members. It is to be supposed that also teams with Skills useful for the village construction can be found to which we can submit for the team of interesting supplies.

Open Source contains that everybody works and wins everybody, without that catchwords of the economy and the industry like turnovers{sales}, profits, capital play etc. a role{roll}.

Interestingly the success of the Open Source is projects for the economy and industry more than disconcerting. Even{still} the policy tries to become to the phenomenon already from motivation still to be cleared man.

Open Source also contains that basically everybody can cooperate in the project and leads every still so small support to the whole quality of the end product. In the example Linux, it is already valuable unermessich if a user whom some not friendly to user strikes this simple, small{little} information transmits. Companies spend millions for concepts, user's questionings, idea collections among her own employees and various more.

We cannot bait you with premium payments, we would not like to bait you at all, we are not Siemens or Microsoft, we build on the power of our idea and to do handicraft together on your readiness in the little one in the world.

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