Community in Turkey
Hermes Projekt Lebensgemeinschaft in der Türkei Hermes Projekt: English Version Projet Hermes: Français Hermes Project: Russian Version Projekt Hermes: Hrvatski Progetto Hermes- Fondazione di una Comunita` Eco-Villaggio Hermes Project: Turkish Version Hermes Project: Romanian Version Hermes Projekt Spanish
Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Co-Inhabitants Groups and Guests Neightbours Social Engagement Visitors

Human Co-Inhabitants

The occupants of the village will establish naturally the core of the community and carry the project. The colife and jobs for variable intervals will be as welcome, on this occasion, like the long-term decisions for the village community with their possibilities.

The founders will lay her food dot in the village what guarantees a continuity just also in the construction phase. Interested at best concrete images should bring along relating to of her personal prerough settlements to provide in the described border for her living. This can be above the way of the possibilities of the planned communication center, the tourism, to the supply of seminar activities, craft and other{further} for the community{society} and the singles of useful abilities.

Everybody which sees itself in this village vision would like to introduce, the responsibility and action competence carries for his personal conversion. The platform of the village project in the Internet is the forum on him the single threads, ideas, to concrete approaches in the planning phase are brought together.

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