Community in Turkey
Hermes Projekt Lebensgemeinschaft in der Türkei Hermes Projekt: English Version Projet Hermes: Français Hermes Project: Russian Version Projekt Hermes: Hrvatski Progetto Hermes- Fondazione di una Comunita` Eco-Villaggio Hermes Project: Turkish Version Hermes Project: Romanian Version Hermes Projekt Spanish
Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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To the entrance as a settler

With the longer-term inhabitants "residents" of the village several possibilities of the entrance are conceivable just in the setting up phase.

We long for finding after establishment of contact with enthusiasts for all best possible individual solution.

This will depend, on the one hand, on the images "performances" of the personal bringing in on site and construction "structure" of the village, orientate itself to the other by the progress of the project conversion.

It would be desirable in future by suitable knock-on financing from the outside the decision for an inhabitant "resident" or a family not from financial means dependent "subordinate" to have to do "make", but to be allowed to begin only the enthusiasm for our vision and the will for helping as a criterion. - your local Community

Independently on account of somebody would like to move only his "its" job place, itself financially in the vision would like to introduce, an idea beyond the described has which he can introduce in the described border etc. ...., only the grouping of the einbebrachten forces on the Hermes project-portal will prelive like it other Open Source projects, offer unaffordable "priceless" synergy effects for all.

Each dreams of a life sketched here in a land "country" like Turkey, does not dare only, nevertheless, will profit and as a result "an outcome" a village will originate

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