Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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After the construction "structure" of the village it will be able to carry itself and his inhabitants "residents".

We belong on "after" it by the founders ourselves to be able to finance the spaces "rooms" together to be used, all of the generality to available things "matters" and the necessary technology "technics".

The temporal expiries "orders of events" will only accelerate financial Anschubhilfen from the outside, allow them "her" not basically.

For future inhabitants "residents" will arise "surrender" therefore an amount x which encloses the use of the reason "ground" and the purveyance "purchasing" of the tent residential unit with. In the construction phase of the village, for a planned period from approx. one year, a cointroduced amount of the singles will be unavoidable "indispensable" to the cover of the life demand. Only then can be calculated on weight-bearing "basic" income "resources" for the inhabitants "residents".

Also the construction "structure" should not be overshadowed by oppressive thoughts "notions" of the survival skill.

Every colonist will have to carry, on this occasion, the responsibility for his life and his "its" financing, we would like to build up "like to construct" the border for it "in return" together.

The low "small" expenses of the construction "structure" will hold every residential unit in the building cost as well as in the entertainment affordable "reasonable". The cooperation of the inhabitants "residents" and guests "company" in the everyday "daily" expiry "order of events" of the village requires no or few personnel costs.

Therefore inhabitants "residents" as well as brief guests "company" are confronted with low "small" daily rates and month sentences.

The high measure in own care from the agricultural yields "returns", the common use "sense" of things "matters" of the everyday "daily" demand will hold the expenditure, in addition, low "small".

The possibilities of the cooperation in Workshops of the most different kind "way", Internet accesses and the manifold supplies "offers" in the area of the service offer workplaces "jobs" and chances to earn money on site.

A main focus of the chances to earn money will lie in the communication company headquarters and offer the job middle and synergy effects in the field of knowledge for the occupational teams of the freelances in this area "field".

Another can be the area of the guest economy for the most different human teams in different models.

Nevertheless, the village should become no place of the enrichment "expansion" as a destination but allow a life in the luxury of the simplicity with integration of the most modern technology "technics" for all involved parties.

If sometime the own pension is saved, and this becomes they "she", perfectly!

Nevertheless, in the foreground stands new ways to work of the life and work in a community "society" and to achieve "reach" economic profits not skin-neuter.

Profits should serve at first the upgrading of the village, his "its" infrastructure, to the inhabitants "residents" and the environs with the population.

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