Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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At this point the last-limited, financial basic structure of the village and from it resultant space will find. Indeed, no problem an association is to be founded to launch (start) a company or to meet other (further) arrangements (agreements) relating to of financial single subjects to compile a concept for the construction (structure) and the life in a village a challenge explains, because of this pioneering work is.

There is of our knowledge after no juridical form till present which deals with this kind (way) of the living together and therefore we must also allow to here something (anything) leave. Many things (matters) are to be cleared and to fix (determine).

How we handle with founder's capital, with planned building projects who will have which rights (laws) and competence how we meet the decisions which concern the common (joint) finances of the village life, above all: who in which connection?

Debit of the tenants on time by basic decisions also a lot of vocal strength have like the cofounder from the beginnings? Or should a team still to be fixed (determined) of the beginnings take over the responsibility not to restrain our development in endless (interminable) discussions and tunings?

At this point we are glad exceptionally about the experts (specialists) from the financial community and legal world who would like to pack the vision of a long-term relationship (of a symbiosis) into suitable, sensible (meaningful) structures.

For the time being we manage ourselves and call on everybody which would like to cointroduce proposals and contributions in the wide field (box) of the financial to record contact with us.

Currently (Actually) we work (operate) on the elaboration of a concept which does (makes) from our point of view sense and is subordinated to the thoughts (notions) of the community (society) instead of the singles.

Around Turkey strangers the first insight into them to give to financial, Turkish relations (ratios) we have performed (listed) under examples different things (matters). For the extension of our enumeration (list), from your experience or your knowledge, we are connected to you very much.

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