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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

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Financial Aspects

This page will be complementary by us bit by bit, according to the research and incoming information. Everything what has to act anyhow with finances, will find here his "its" space.

We, the initiators will venture accordingly of our knowledge and our financial possibilities, independent of possible comrades-in-arms for our vision, the jump in Turkey in the end of 2006.

From the own financial means we can afford a sufficient "an enough" piece "item" of land "country" with living room for ourselves and future guests "company" in the contemplative "leisurely" border. From our experiences in Turkey on site, links "combines" with our abilities "talents" in the professional, we go out "burn out" to be able to finance ourselves there likewise freelance, without on the things "matters" of the life which are important to us personally (e.g., international traveling) to have to renounce.

Should something "anything" occur to you with this reading from the own experience as a necessary supplement "complement", we are grateful for every contribution.
Basic piece

Our friend "acquaintance" has recently become a landowner "freeholder" close to Cirali. His "its" property lies 7 kilometers of the sea, with sea look, in the middle of the mountains super half Ciralis. Three brooks flow more than 4,000 square meters, therefore is to be gone out "burned out" from an additional all-year ground water level recorder, he may farm "till" 250 square meters. And after Turkish Right wooden construction and tents do not count "apply" as a cultivation "development". His "its" price of this surface amounted to to 15,000 euro. For it "in return" he is registered on the Tapu and can go out "burn out" even certainly from it really to be a landowner "freeholder".

Lease property in Cirali

There is in Cirali a rotunda which is approx. 5 years old, in the meantime. His "its" base "building area" amounts to about 30 square meters, on the first floor "stick" is a kind of open gallery which is built up "constructed" all around the masonry in wooden construction and brings therefore again about 10 square meters of usable area. The construction directly "immediately" lies with the fluvial run and with Einfahrtstrasse to the place, is removed "unloaded" about 100 meters of the meter. Built with mortar showering and toilets (in each case three pieces "items"), a built with mortar kitchen "cuisine" with an open restaurant and a fellable trees is on the property. Everything is equipped with Küchengerätschaften, dishes "harness", seat pieces of furniture and does "makes" an inviting impression. An invested garden with many trees in which the whole is embedded with about 2000 square meters belongs to it. At that time after our research in 2003 the desired lease price lay with 2,000 euro in the year. The property stands empty till this day "so far".

At the end of the place, in the direction of everlasting fires, there is a small "little" pension with 5 guest-rooms. The property is about 3000 square meters, however, a little begrünt and with few trees. There is a kitchen "cuisine" and a lounge, the whole one is furnished accordingly and maybe lies 500 meters of the sea removed "unloaded". Indeed, already by vacant "uncultivated" nature-protected "nature-safe" area "field". To our research in 2003 the owner wished 4,000 euro of annual lease and he argued with the chances to earn money about the rooms and residential possibility for the tenants.

On this occasion, of course it depends on the size. If one goes out "burns out" from a new purchase of a small "little" Tipis (with 4 square meters of diameter for child suitably) one must count on 600 euro of purchase price. With a diameter of 9 square meters of the circle "ring" one already puts down 1,800 euro. Then still there arrives "there comes to that" the subsoil which should not be a naked ground likewise, like in our planning, and the interior arrangement.

These are the prices in D, A, and CH and we will allow ourselves to sew our Tipis after cut samples in Turkey personally. The Turks know a lot in the textile trade worldwide very well and have favorable "convenient" prices, also relating to to tent materials what we presumably have not least to owe to the nomads on site. Moreover, unfortunately, we still have no concrete quotations "offers" are.

Residential building, built with mortar, 35 square meters

We spent half a year in twos, with dog in a romantic small house in the middle of Cirali. There was a kitchen-living room with the own chimney "fireplace", a small "little" cubicle, and the bath with historical washing machine. Cuddy "stowage" existed in the memory, the porch loaded in solar weather to outdoor "outside" stay one. In summer the life happens on account of the mild weather anyhow primarily outside, only from from October to April one falls back "goes back" according to weather, more or less on protecting walls.

We feel on this surface and in this scale of a living room very well, although we have also inhabited the Großräumigkeiten of villas with marble baths. A small house like in Cirali allows to hit our heart higher and therefore we estimate for ourselves, in the named climatic relations "ratios", this base "building area". The construction of a small house of this size, with bringing into play of the own craft performances amounts to approx. 10,000 euro with an equipment which allows to lack it of nothing.
One month of life without self-sufficiency

We did not know this first half a year in Cirali the price structures yet so well. We did not know where and how the locals make purchases. We supplied ourselves partly in Kemer on the weekly market, complemented our demand from the supermarkets, for romantic and flavorful reasons "grounds" we shopped with the farmers "peasants" on site, vegetables, honey, eggs and milk.

If to us accordingly was we went for breakfasts and coffee drink on the beach "seashore", have renounced absolutely nothing what desired our heart. We took pleasure in freshly killed chickens which tasted accordingly, all kinds "ways" of by itself(by themselves) done "made" cheese kinds tried by, and also the everyday "daily" ration ice did not come "get" too briefly. For lives of such type we spent on an average 400-500 euro in the month. We lived like Gods in the paradise.
Expenses for a lawyer for the liquidation "transaction" of a property purchase

Only recently a German close to Cirali bought a smart property. He belongs to the kind "sort" which stays for 15 years in the area over and over again for months. To him "it" advisable therefore often unusual "unstandard" ways of the purchase of land and from those are rather is to be advised, well-known. A lawyer who was recommended by earlier basic buyers on account of the professional and satisfying liquidation "transaction" took for the whole "complete" necessary liquidation "transaction" of the purchase with entries 500 euro.
Equipment of 3-4 rooms dwelling.

Often it is not to be aimed profitably a relocation "move" in Turkey with the pieces of furniture and all household effects. The complete equipment of a small house, according to 3-4 apartments is to be had in Turkey for approx. 4000 euro. Electrical appliances already including. If somebody thinks highly of his "its" personal having and property "good", the relocation "move" costs depending on the forwarding agency possibly (roughly skipped, it depends of course on the amount "crowd"!) the same.

However, this value provides the price differences between Germany and Turkey very well and one may not forget in this connection that the chances to earn money are structured accordingly and one cannot require the same like in Germany for the same "identical" performance, or one can, however, it does not receive.
Income "Resources"

Web site with a few pages and gallery for a pension

To pension owners in Turkey the trend "tendency" is to be tried to book holiday kind and guest's houses on the Internet and not escaped. Here the market is for web designers heavenly. Besides, most in the tourism trade to active dispose of foreign language knowledge (German and English are enormously made easier verbreitetsten) what a communication. A web site for a small "little" pension with the photo gallery usual "standard" in the meantime, costs in case photos and texts are delivered, from 500 euro. With this amount the living is saved for a pair in this land "country", without insurance amounts and rent payments, more than.
Individual tour of Lykien, two Meeting for a pair

On site weilende friends let themselves pay the knowledge by the area well. They whirr in this land "country" every now and then around "about", know the nice corners off the tourism, however, just what should be seen and is known everywhere. To experienced globetrotters it appears to book pointlessly a tourist guide, many tourists see this totally different "extraordinary". They feel safer in company and the danger "threat" dahingestellt is) and feel her "their" mostly brief "scarce" holiday time gladly planned and actually instead of going in the blue.

Already there exist contacts with the pensions, hotels which would extend her "their" personal supply "offer" with pleasure with a professional guidance and excursions for small "little" teams. Two Meeting of an individual tour can with which before it to discussed, desired main focuses, with Übernachtung and Verköstigung 150 dollars, cost.
Übernachtung with breakfast

In the area around Cirali a Übernachtung can be accounted with breakfast, according to comfort, equipment and season from 10 euro per person upward. During the summer months this amount rises accordingly, because the whole village is booked up up to the last bed. From from October to March if the tourist streams decrease there sinks "falls" the amount on the named value.

One will manage to hold booked-up at least for a period from half a year, the Tipis nearly. Per Tipi (with two persons calculated) an amount of 3,600 euro will be able to be gained therefore per year. The breakfast will be able to be put "arranged" from the second operational year totally from the own cultivation "outhouse".
Seminars, Workshops

In addition to vacationers the village Tipi will also offer seminars and Workshops with Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten and catering. The modern person uses his "its" spare time increasingly not only for the pure, pure "clean" rest, but connects a vacation with sensible "meaningful" personal or professional training.

The field "box" of the conceivable supply "offer" is nearly boundless here and will develop according to the abilities "talents" and knowledge of the founders. In addition can get with a Location like the village Tipi intensely in teams which offer regularly her "their" own seminars and Workshops moved up.

The trend "tendency" of Eventausflügen and experience educational theory pulls through, in the meantime, almost all associations, management consultancies, and general tourism suppliers inexorably. Here to call "mention" an amount of the possible income "resources" is difficult, because this will have to be fixed "determined" depending on the provided capacities or supplies "offers" individually.
Baker's "Bakery"

From the own experience we know like a bread lover after several months Turkey after all other than round flat dough-cake bread thirsts. In Antalya itself Zigtausende the immigrants for whom it must go to the large part also live in the meantime. Also tourists would have to receive now and again presumably nothing against it "however" also in the vacation to the usual "standard" white bread the more full of salary a little bit vigourous.

Here we know intuitively that a baker's company must become a gold mine in the area around Antalya. Indeed, we lack at this point the insight into the professional bread forecastle art to be able to serve "offer" profit calculations.

Here bakers are to be joined warmly called on to us at best, but also all useful tips relating to of a bread oven, the necessary ingredients and other "further" pinches are seen more than gladly.

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