Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Achim Askin Bianca Duygu Harald Luigi Maria Michael Olaf

To do's - Eco-Village

The collectively used rooms, machines, the infrastructure are denied together. It is conceivable to themselves to acquire smaller property shares, to invest less in the common (joint) spaces (rooms) and to be involved accordingly less in the future profits or vice versa.

Which other solutions, possibilities occur to you?
3. Written elaboration of texts relating to of the Tipi-Village in form ready for sending - IF it is about Sponsoring, Fundraising or support about company, policy (politics) or foundation

Concept production and cover note for contacts from the following areas are conceivable and possible!!!


Companies of the regenerative energy technology

Companies as a partners in the area of the project Switch nationwide (nationally) and internationally

Companies in the area of Computer, Internet, dimensions of the economy which support (back up) social, social engagement (commitment)

Persons of the general public (the publicity), like politician, media person, engaged (was involved) in areas close to subjects

Organizations, clinics, organizations (associations), research facilities, state organizations from areas close to subjects

Networks of the alternative long-term relationships (symbiosis)

Long-term relationships (Symbiosis) nationwide (nationally) and internationally

Institutes, organizations (associations), organizations of the general public (the publicity), the state, initiatives etc. from the areas regenerative energy, alternative life forms, social mismanagement and developments, norms (standards) and values, ecology, lastingness, interdisciplinary religions etc.

The EU and other (further) international being possible organs

Radio station, newspapers, TV

Setting up of an association is to be considered in this connection likewise.
4. Construction (Structure) of the village community

Here our human potential will not be probably asked for the first time. There will be different pre rough settlements of the setting up members. The people who can drag equally on site and will help therefore equally vigorously in the construction (structure) (we belong to it, for example) or others which must leave time with the last-limited relocation (move), can, want.

Therefore the construction Job of the village community will be able to be done differently. We do not know as exactly (just), but are safe to us that here a practicable (feasible) solution can be found which is for everybody fairly and afford, and nobody disadvantages (discriminates). We believe in a natural balance of the things (matters) which is not plannable and are ready (idly) to experience.

It will be here also about banal. How one comes (gets) to an internet connection what one grows (cultivates), like one builds a communal kitchen, like the guest's dwellings, places to stay the stones on site or one drags off them (her) who does (makes) what, when, how.... It is to be spun probably details a little bit early here, because this will arise (surrender) partly from the last-limited concept, to the other in the pre rough settlements and abilities (talents) the founder, and not in the end by our introduced financial possibilities will orientate himself and we also have to the other concrete action already information, they collect and spray not least before ideas and visions.

At this point every reader is to be decorated warmly invited the concrete action as regards content. We are open for all the other scenarios, please us especially (particularly) about own experiences all around our subject. This can be for the single cooperating little things (trifles), as for example (such as) which solution is the best (best of all) in the solar area where does one receive favorable (convenient), qualitative materials (substances) on site to what should we pay attention etc.? The sum of the little things (the trifles) introduced at this point here will allow the construction (structure) of a village. Not only free software (Open Source products) can be decorated so....


We search at the moment urgent auxiliaries in the following areas:
Turkey immigrant and the founders of a new business there

You already live in Turkey? You have put (arranged) even there an existence setting up on the legs or have tried (attempted) it? Write (compose) to us your experiences, lets us participate in your hurdles. Tell to us where the hints lurk to what we must pay attention.
Translator, interpreter

You control several languages as a mother tongue? You are a translator or interpreter? We have sat down to the destination to translate these capacities here into so some language. You must not make everything alone. Every translated page helps us. As thanks beauty we set up to you here an own page (under partner) to stir the advertising drum for you.

You are a lawyer and know that your specialization could help (assist) us, does have, nevertheless, no time, although you find the idea good? Then only, please inform us for which legal areas (and therefore lawyers) we must search specifically to deal with our plan (project) correctly. Which legal areas do we touch here? What will be relevant to us? Should you have enthusiasm and joy in the legal areas required by us, we are glad of course also about references to suitable paragraphs or useful links (hyperlinks) on these subjects. Should you be on subjects all around Turkey or emigration specialists, a partnership is also possible for you.
Subscriber, illustrators

A subscription of the village sketched here would please us very much. Unfortunately, we are totally untransfered here. Also with the representation of a single plot would be helped (assisted) us very much. With our spiritual (mental) eye the plots float with village, indeed, already, however, we can let you no more concrete information come up (fall) with respect to that. Rental companies of your imagination wing. Do you subscribe with pleasure, paints, illustrates and would like to be mentioned as a countermove on our pages personally with your assistance? Announce yourselves (contact) to us. With incoming subscriptions we note you among our partners and will stir with it (thus) the advertising drum for you.
Tax consultant

We do not know whether one day somebody has just been glad thus about a tax consultant, how we now. We have here many questions. We do not belong to the earners who know constantly abroad climb around and the best tax pre rough settlements for it (in return). We would not like to break unwittingly tax laws. We would know loving with pleasure - how everybody - the best way for ourselves and plan him at best already in the approach, move. How do we deal with the whole in best without having to lead away (carry off) every cent to both countries? You know the responses ? Support (back up) us, and as thanks beauty we note your performances on our pages, and refer (link) all readers in tax things to you as new customers.

see also taxes in Turkey
Specialists (Experts) for alternative energy

We find the most sensible (meaningful) solutions relating to of all energy questions want in our community (society). On this occasion, we are depended especially (particularly) on cooperation (participation), because we dispose of no pre experiences in these areas. Should you have dealt, on this occasion, with one or other subjects area, informs us, please, briefly or sends us like information or useful links (hyperlinks) to it. Also we are glad of course here about the partners who would like to support (like to back up) us, in addition (beyond it), to these questions.
Specialists (Experts) for wood, loam, stone constructions

To build wooden houses heard to your easiest exercises? You have already dealt with mucky construction? To build a stone house has always fascinated you and, in the meantime, you are an expert for it (in return)? Please, steps with us in contact and lets us participate in your experiences.

You are a baker and know the optimum construction method (style) for a bread oven? You thought up to now always as a baker the possibilities would be delimited and we have indicated to you alternatives? You know the best prescriptions (recipes) for bread with original ingredients? Record contact with us or send us information all around the baker's craft.
Management consultant

You are a management consultant and have - what is a miracle - still energy for our project with the job? You know which ways we must go what we have overlooked, you see other necessary steps? You would have to accompany desire a concept or to erect even (still) it? You know like one presents the whole in this subject correctly and therefore success-promising to organs like the EU or does know the links (hyperlinks) with this information? Inform of them (her) us, please.
Concept, script writer (copywriter)

You are Concept or script writer (copywriter) and to you sentences (sets) already whirr in the head all around our project? Hesitate not to write down them (her) and to let participate with a small (little) message (mail) to us in it. You already have subjects areas which we wander edited and does make available to us your texts? Or does write (compose) even new? Message (mail)

As a journalist you know what media presence of a subject can cause. Should you want to be involved all around our subjects, our plan (project) maybe even (still) publish, we will not say absolutely no. The more readers we can reach (arrive), the faster the village will grow, meet the light (simple) synergy effects. You run yourself platforms and would like to mention on your pages, link to us? With a message (mail) you can record contact with us.

We are medium citizens and try to take our life in the hand. The fact that we, besides, on nature, lastingness and regenerative energy pay attention is no chance. Therefore we have almost the same (identical) job. We likewise do it for ourselves, you. However, you can directly introduce yourself with us and must not go the usually usual (standard), general rail. This is quicker, more actual (effectual) and PR is present (involved) also. Record contact with us, and naturally we treat inquiries confidentially.
Media people

What we mean (think) with a media person, we more exactly would not like to export (not like to carry out) at this point. Should you be one, you will feel - hope we-responded. We are depended in every kind (way) of PR and to us the advantages of contacts, recommendations (references) and references are well-known. You know (so far:-)) more than us, we can work (operate) on it together. We would be glad to being supported (being backed up) by you. With a message (mail) you inform us and we send your transmitting time on television through the Internet on our pages.

We have forgotten you and your appeal? Excuse, to us whirrs currently (actually) a lot in the brain. With a short message (mail) you give to us to correct the chance.

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