Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Achim Askim Bianca Duygu Harald Luigi Maria Michael Olaf


We offer here a small (little) insight into our images (performances), dreams, visions and hope a background to be able to mediate which explains (declares) our action and justifies. Everybody which touches by the pages appealed (spoken), requested feels - all the same in which way, independently of his (its) personal possibilities, contact should record with us.

At this point we would publish with pleasure your ideas, possibilities, experiences and, above all, visions in the context of the sketched village. Where do you see your chance to introduce yourself, how introduce you yourself (fancy) your life in this village? If you did not like to turn up your own life because you have found your space and your assignment (task), however, sprays before ideas and proposals relating to of a village in Lycia, does not hesitate to inform of it us. An idea is as valuable as to help the decision and to introduce itself completely.

We are glad about your contribution, your feedback, your criticism (review). Contact
Auxiliaries at the Hermes Project.

Here is your space which you can fill out. At this point we will publish your contribution to the Hermes Project. You find the idea good, nevertheless, are not to be been able to introduce in yourself certainly you? Carry on reading, follows (tracks) our across thoughts and, nevertheless, maybe a way is found.

You have immigrated yourself in Turkey, has been based there even (still) an existence (life)? Then you dispose of valuable information, knowledge, experiences and contacts with which you could do (make) us, briefly displayed (shown), exceedingly happily.

Here of course we could enumerate the possibilities of the cooperation (participation) of different occupational teams, person with the most different pre rough settlements and talents, from our point of view. Imagination and creativity we form to bring along. However, it is not about it, on this occasion.

If you feel on account of the read that this kind of vision could offer a new native country and perspective also for you, informs us of your ideas, of proposals, designs (drafts) for the Hermes Village. If you go out (burn out) to be able to formulate not accordingly, turns you to us with a few sketched capacities, we will rework this in arrangement (agreement) with you accordingly and publish afterwards at this point.

Besides, it is not not so much about whether your vision, assistance is moved afterwards 1 to 1 in the village. The actual construction (structure) of the village will drag our visions according to the reality and lead during this process to new paths. Our concern (request) is to be introduced at this point visionaries with her (their) possibilities and abilities (talents). Within the scope of an ecological village find a lot of space.

The construction (structure) of this project requires a lot of Skills which can be also covered (cleared) by your assistance and cooperation (participation). This will indicate other enthusiasts the colored possibilities of the life, stamped out and empty life paths ask to leave. We would like to do (make) courage to think crosswise and accept as a pleasant side effect to find enough really working (having an effect) cofounders.

Do you have by chance a batch of brochures about wooden building or water pumps at home (home) which land, otherwise, in the garbage can? Do you work (operate) in an environmental topic and can supply us with advertising middle of this industry (industrial sector)? You produce yourself environmental-acceptable, for us, perhaps, relevant machines? Become our partner. Will you become a guest with us? What you need. to spend an around (completely) nice vacation? If it writes (composes) to us now, because we still plan. Would like you to submit to your association the proposal to book the next trip to us? Actual your head (boss) compared with innovations openly opposed and your order position allows itself to accept (confirm) it a prestige order to do lasting (sustained)?...

Record contact with us, puts (arranges) questions, throws criticism (review) in the space (room), sketches (designs) your own main focuses, sends us information, announce, however, you and we will present your contribution here.

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You see things; and you say, "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"
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