Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Achim Askin Bianca Duygu Harald Luigi Maria Michael Olaf


I call Harald, am since 8 meeting 47 years a lot on the way and have my basis warehouse nowadays in Ulm where I become meeting also again eintrudeln in 1-2. Was on the move this summer with the Womo in Poland to find a space to the place to stay in hope. If nothing was, however. Principal reason: to press actual only barely.
So, now to the Vita:

Born in 1958 in Weimar, many problems with the regime to me, finally, came out. One did not like freethinkers like me there.

Qualified (Skilled) occupation (profession) is a locksmith (mechanic) with addition education smith. I have worked (operated) mostly as a house technician or similar and, besides, has acquired to me knowledge in all possible areas of the craft. Electrical system, water, heating, airing, wood and, and and.

Independently I also was sometimes 5 years, however, this went the brook (Bach) under it.

Was on the move a lot, always in search of a space where I can do places to stay and want. Where I can earn my living without having to do (make) every tag a job I may not, under a boss I every tag sonstwas could spend, among people, the large part of the Tages with cry, etc.

I thought, I would have found this space in 2000 in South-East Asia, but there I was probably too blue-eyed, in 2001 I was without pfennig again in Frankfurt an airport. But what solls, was only one new experience, no disaster (catastrophe).

The last years I muddle along me in such a way by, with my handy abilities (talents) is also no problem. Since I receive a regular job anyhow no more. 47 and 3 fingers are also absent, indeed, already for 33 years, also is absolutely no problem, but personnel departments see this different (extraordinary). And, in addition (moreover), that also is not necessarily at what I aim. My friends and friends (acquaintances) hold me for quite mad (crazy) or in such a way, envy me, however, nevertheless, my life style. " You hasts well, so I also would like to live ". If I say, "HOWEVER", machs, nevertheless, simply, come (get) midestens 300. Well.

As an area of responsibility the technology (technics) would be possible for me logically. If I gladly took over. If new knowledge is asked, so much the better, me entranced all new. For example, sewage layout and in such a way.

So, have been for the moment (first) solls, wenns still gives questions, no problem.

Many greetings Harald

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