Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Achim Askin Bianca Duygu Harald Luigi Maria Michael Olaf


Because I will write (compose) here now about the subject "Turkey" in all his (its) variants, now I introduce myself (fancy). I am born in the wonderful May 38 years ago in Germany.

My name is married Bianka, and except my man Herbert another 3 children belong at the age of 21.18 and 11 years and our dog Willi to the family. If somebody had said to me 5 years ago that I will live once here, in a land (country) which was not even possible for me holiday land I would have laughed according to. Now I live for about 3 years in Turkey, a land (country) of the contrasts (oppositions), full secrets (mysteries) and magic.

Just I remember when I entered Turkish ground (bottom) the first time. I had no notion what expected (awaited) me. I spoke no word Turkish and knew no more as an Islamic land (country) is and it here no shreds (cutlets) gives. I landed late in the evening on the airport in Adana which was for European views, actually, nobody.

My man (husband) who worked (operated) at this time here for a big (great) German company already expected (awaited) me. For weeks he had "edited" me to attend him, finally, in Turkey and to spend my vacation here. Now I was there. Finally, on our journey (drive) to the apartment which lasted more than 1 hour (lesson) past small (little) crooked shops, endless (interminable) fields (boxes), mountains and by pitch-black night, we arrived in a small (little) small town called Yumurtalik. Indeed, I heard the sea and breathed the salty air, doubted, nevertheless, I meanwhile the mental condition of my man (husband).

To get (fetch) me here, at the end of the world, to set down (drop) me before a house (home) which me only the electricity box and the rough-hanging (rough-pendent) cables allowed to doubt whether it was safe to operate a light switch. In the greeting a dead Kakerlake lay in the elevator and I was near the tears. This should be HOLIDAY???

To my reassurance (appeasement) our apartment was wonderful, big (great) and comfortable, was set up with the typically oriental paints (colors) and pieces of furniture and "occupant" free! However, the next morning the surprise came (got)., never I had never experienced such a dreamlike sunrise. The time seemed to stand still for a moment (an instant). Before me lay a bay with turquoise-blue water, surround from breathtaking mountains. And then this rest, the air, the light. I believe, this was the moment (instant), which me so deeply impressed and curiously done (made). Curiously on the land (country), the people, the culture.

I had so miraculous meetings with the people in my first visit, although we could come to an agreement only with hands and feet. (About my many experiences I will report at other place (job)). However, it was the nicest vacation which I had ever spent. There still followed (tracked) a lot of traveling.

Up to the tag when we have resolved to spend our life in Turkey. And I have never regretted it. I feel this land (country) with my reflection and see it with the heart. I meet the people with respect and am also respected. I am accepted here like I am and must not be as a company would like me. I have found my native country.

Now you have resolved to live here to get to know the world from another perspective with new people and another culture. A lot of energy, assurance, organization talent, adventurousness and curiosity should be your "baggage". Are to you in the clear one which her (their) friends, family will leave behind to give a new dimension to euerem life in the stranger.

The charm (stimulus), another culture to get to know and to be a share (part) theirs, is certainly a big (great) motivation. And certainly it is to be experienced a valuable experience how it is to live as a "foreigner". Every member of her (their) family will face to the decision to spend the life abroad, differently (else). Each of you leaves his (its) quite personal sphere in a quite individual stage.

You only can foresee which effect will have this decision on every singles. Parents should prepare her (their) children for the resignation to her (their) current (present) sphere and for the life in the new land (country) intensely. Includes the children on (in) time in the planning with and have understanding for perhaps fears.

Nevertheless, should not make her (their) your decision from Yes or No of the children dependent (subordinate). If you have a pet, thinks to you on (in) time whether it accompanies you. I still would like to mark (like to mark off) that I will answer all questions as good as possible and free of judgment.

My contributions about land (country) and people (staff), women (wives), Islam, relations, experiences must not agree (correspond) etc. with the opinions other Expats. Everybody experiences and differently (else) feels. If you are ready (idle) to seize this miraculous chance, I am glad you with the " adventure foreign country (abroad) " to being allowed to accompany.

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