Community in Turkey
Hermes Projekt Lebensgemeinschaft in der Türkei Hermes Projekt: English Version Projet Hermes: Français Hermes Project: Russian Version Projekt Hermes: Hrvatski Progetto Hermes- Fondazione di una Comunita` Eco-Villaggio Hermes Project: Turkish Version Hermes Project: Romanian Version Hermes Projekt Spanish
Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Achim Askin Bianca Duygu Harald Luigi Maria Michael Olaf



Here we aim, on the one hand, at the collaboration with all company forks relevant to the village, crafts enterprises (commercial operations) and service companies.


Parnterschaften are cooperations of their (her) both pages profit. By the integration of tourism in the village and this web presence we will reach (arrive) substantial figures of possible customers for potential advertising partners.


This web site will also invite basically enthusiasts on the named subjects for staying. Lawyers, craftsmen, translators, can support (can back up) etc. us by her (their) services vigorously and profit by the naming of her (their) knowledge, skill, connencted (online) with her (their) communication data on these pages by additional PR. Basically one can also talk (enjoy) about an own web presence for somebody, to a service relavanten for us or equipment.


Partnerships can be aimed straight and be based about the media Internet by us.


Many large-scale enterprises properly dress up with environmental subjects and spend millions for the marketing of her (their) innovative products. Also here there is to ask possibility of partnerships and help for both pages.


Partners from the following areas will be in the next time primarily (chiefly) our destination.






Specialists (Experts) for alternative energy


Craftsman of all kind


Translator, interpreter


Management consultant, Konzepter , script writer (copywriter)


To the advertising partners of the web site.

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