Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey
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Community in Turkey


Community in Turkey
Community in Turkey

Formation of a sustainable community -EcoVillage- in Turkey

Experiences of the acquisition life:

Different craft experiences

Negotiating skill by purchasing (by purchasing department), sales in the independent area

Management (Board) in the financial area, attorney's position in Switzerland

Long-standing tourism, catering trade experiences

Social-educational experiences with management function

Company experience in the area of the human Ressources.

Independent, freelance activities (operations) in the area of the web design, consulting

Of course is aware to us that we cannot use many of our experiences in Turkey to one for one, however, we would like to move, extend, develope. And bring along a basis which will be an unaffordable (priceless) help to us also in Turkey in the mentioned or related areas.

Just also about the media Internet people about borders can become away for our project arouses enthusiasm and to future visitors akquired. Especially (particularly) our skill in the area of the Internet use and configuration (shape), tourism for certain teams resultant from our life runs with bound seminar supplies, see we as our basis of the acquisition possibilities on site. However, we have an eye from personal interest likewise with a baker's (bakery).
Our setting:

A chameleon adapts itself seemlessly and easily to his (its) environment without losing his (its) identity. It extends only his (its) chromatic circle.

We have already lived in Turkey and know that things (matters), as for example (such as) lived Islam or the special role (roll) of the woman (wife), cannot be annulled by us. And this is the last what we want!

However, there also present itself, on this occasion, possibilities to the host country as a stranger to closer and real (live) acceptance to reach (arrive) tolerance and understanding on both pages.

We are openly stopped to foreign (strange) countries, customs, cultures by our varied stay abroad and would like to reform nobody, change (amend) or teach. We have already mastered repeatedly successfully the insert (inserting) in another living space without bending, besides or betraying.

However, we do not belong to the people who emigrate in an Islamic land (country) and cry about lacking supplies (offers) in the pork counter. We are glad, instead, about the fresh and immense supplies (offers) at the local markets and can expect (await) it barely the usual (standard) action to professionalize.
This is likewise available to us:

Contacts in Turkey about already emigrated or in a Turkish family married.

The people who managed the integration successfully.

The people who have already paid their teaching money, all the same in which way in Turkey, sometimes unpleasantly.

Already in Turkey in the tourism active people, Turks like immigrant.

The people who have already founded a village community or just are present (involved).

Contacts with tour operators specified on Turkey tourism (small, however, finely).

Freelance and therapists who will offer her (their) supplies (offers) in Turkey (with us).

Contacts with the Turkish tourism suppliers who wish a polyglot Internet presence.

Interested, friends, friends (acquaintances) who will decide at a later time if professional or family things (matters) so far are on our village community as an inhabitant (resident), here we do not enumerate!

The people who state to us up to now on the Internet her (their) strong interest with her (their) possibilities available to them have, are not mentioned here likewise yet!

Now it is interesting absolutely for some to get to know like it can go on after the reading of these web page contents. Here we have worked out the dot (point) To Th. On these pages you can find out (can experience) more information relating to of our concrete action. Here also you are found information like you yourself sensibly (meaningfully) by this village setting up can introduce. We are likewise glad always about your message (mail).

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